Selasa, Januari 18, 2005

There are a whole bunch of interesting problems to solve, though. For example: I feel bad enough making some of my office mates, ‘se-kampung’ clicks (at subang), UiTM friends and internet buddies left dangling without spending enough time talking to them . I'd not be willing to do a 24 hours at which these people would have to stand in line for hours just waiting to have a word or two with me(macam mana la nak lawan ‘sibuk’ ni?). So it might, for example, be a matter of doing longer bloggings and callings and Q & As, but much more limited space and time. I don't know --- I haven't thought it through. I do know that whatever we decide and however we do things, many people will be disappointed.

I'm falling off the world at present to try and get a few things finished. We'll see whether I have a splendid mood or excellent condition where I am. (Currently typing this at my sub-editors’ PC), as the time of my dateline gets later and later, and I sit here repeating to myself that my workplace food court menu is not getting any good in terms of improvement. Sometimes my natural optimism makes me forget this, and pay real money for a plate of rice, mix vege that make me grateful when I sit in the food court and eat them. I shall remember. I will be strong … syukur.(sapa nak belanja aku lunch,angkat tangan?)

You know, this is starting to get interesting but yet irritating. After more than a year of working fine (well, except when I'd do something extremely stupid or silly or both) on blogger, I upgrade, I update... and currently have an almost randomly stacked bunch of posts sitting here, not up on the site, with odd time and date listings, promiscuously tossed between several folders. I wonder if I asked the people over at nicely if they'd cancel those unwanted banners, and give me back all those beneficial free features, like, well, being able to post things that people could read for a start . So, I'm writing a script right now, and it's been driving me nuts for about almost a month (during which time I have mostly not been writing it, but sort of eating it in the back of my head, like a starving kid getting a free ice cream), and today it all started to come together. It went over a couple of days from a lot of disconnected bits to something that had a voice and a point of view. I have no idea how this happened, but it made me smile. It also made the idea that I might actually get through the year without getting too much further behind on too many things seem... well, possible.


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