Rabu, Januari 19, 2005

Not that I was listening.

A few days back, one of my ‘Mak Cik’ from kampung asked what I do now. I said I am a writer. "Well," she said, "When are you going to be a Bestseller then?" It was the kind of cheerfully patronising thing people say to relatives or strangers they meet during special ocassions. I'm sure if I'd said I am a reporter, she'd have said, "Well, when are you going to have a well known column then?"… I think I was meant to shrug and say "One day," hopefully with a wistful smile, and she would have told me that was the spirit, but I said to myself why is it that the same old aged question always popped the way it wasn’t supposed to be.*Sigh*

So, I wander into a comic bookshop yesterday and am browsing the new arrival area at the back of the shop, looking for books to read and buy with limited amount of budget (eventually purchased ‘A Moment of Silence’;compiled work for the September 11 special comic project by Marvel and ‘Venom’ just for art's sake) and a young man --- I estimate his age at his late teens asks if I've seen Batman : Year One which inspired the upcoming ‘Batman Begins’ movie later this year. I point it out for him. "I think it’s sold-out" .


"It's okay."

He looks at the small pile of books I'm accumulating in my arms. "You must like reading," he says, with awe in his voice.

"I do," I admitted. "I like it better than anything."

His eyes opened wide. “Are you an artist … comic book artist?”(He must have noticed my apparent long hair)

I felt like a sort of exotic but rare species that had just been correctly identified by an archeologist. "I’m a comic book writer," I said.

His eyes narrowed. "Have you written anything I could read?"

I suggested my upcoming magazine. "You'll find it later, maybe in a month or two," I told him.

He caught up with me five minutes later, in another area, picking out a motley bunch of comics (including some expensive titles I cant afford – kids nowadays!) and said

"Er... whats the name of the magazine if you don’t mind?"


"The place where that book you wrote is?"

"Karangkraf. I think it's gonna be a big launching at this year Book Fair."

"Oh. Okay."

I don't think he'd ever been out of the US mainstream area before. Arms piled high with stuff I wandered over toward my 12 years of comic collecting. He approached me with a copy of ‘Kingdom Come’, and I told him what is it about, and left the bookshop hoping that he likes it, or that he puts it on one side until he does.

Anyway.... more Blog pro-and-anti messages and eloquent opinions, all forwarded to me either thru mail or Friendster. (And for those of you in the net currently wondering, it's a good thing to get feedbacks.)

I am happy that there are people ou there who kept updating about me...



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