Rabu, Disember 22, 2004

Yesterday was the day I lost my pair of shoes ( Yup! … the shoes I specifically bought for Raya and for work ) . But don’t worry, I will not going to loose my senses. I am not under orders to mention this, and then again I’m still frustrated by the unfortunate events.

The work by the way, thus far is .... quite tiring but interesting. It wasn't just the air-conditioning and free internet connection. As an experiment, I am seeing if I can blog in-between working hours . I am using a computer which; in a few months had to be taken away from me ( … its gonna be used by other up-and-coming reporters in my department ) . Have just entered ‘the working zone’ lately, wishing devoutly that the web server will soon pick another time to misbehave. Loads and tonnes of writing to be done.

I set off very early to work from Mondays to Fridays. Karangkraf is about a stone throw away from home, so I don't expect to get there late or to be specific… intentionally late; then of course that will be a disaster for me ( have to work hard – I’m not getting any younger each time I stare those dreadful face of mine ).

Well, I think it's probably a bit early to write off a new year resolutions (… come to think about it, I better start a list right-a-way ). Which tells me that a lot of my act, and makes me suspect that finding a monologue is something limited only by my imagination. If any of you have any ideas why it's happening ( and how it can be fixed ), please let me know.

Got to get work again and find out who’s my favourite superhero of all-time.

p/s : Sometimes it can be really rather wonderful to realise that people who were your heroes when you were just a kid remain your heroes until you’re twenty-something. Thanks to all the people which tried really and very hard to understand me.


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