Khamis, Disember 02, 2004

What an odd thing to tell people ( A story of a ' lost ' counterpart ).

I’m sure it’s true for him, mind me; but deciding that it’s true for the rest of the world is a leap of faith I wouldn’t have made, much like deciding that everyone in the world needs to write using my lucky brand of pen or it won’t be any good. In my experience people need different things to write. I like comics. I more or less need comic. Its my drug. Given the choice I wanted something with a very,very interesting package, and I like comics with vision as it is. The first time I ever realised that other people weren’t like me was in conversation with this friend I met way back ’93 when I was in form one, about ten years ago, when he mentioned that he had to have comics too, but couldn’t have anything fully satisfying in a single issue.

I know him as a fanboy who need comics, and a dreamer who need silence, and a self-proclaimed geek who don’t honestly care what’s going on around him ( hehe!… sorry about that mate ). We often use comics to set the mood we wanted, and I use our so-called ‘addiction’ to make the place we lepak pleasant enough to get us to hang-in there and talk and debate and argue and fight for hours and hours ‘till the wee hours of the morning ( Hah!Those were the days ). We used to do this almost everyday and at that time : jobless junkies we are. For extra company, there's his brother which I dubbed “ Sloppy Joe ” ... still hanging in there I hope. I don't think I could get that to work any longer now.

Ten years and I screwed up.

It's started to make me wonder and smile with regret (?), and I like spending time with an avid fanboy and a total comic freak. And feeling like I'm the one person ever to regret the stupid things I did to all my friends --- from the beginning ‘till the end. This has an easy, conversational sort of style, and I'm learning things. Having said that, I'm not yet through. You'll know when I am. I'll let off fireworks or something.

We finally did it, man! : … and I send my regards and kudos to you as a true and sincere token of respect for our friendship.




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