Rabu, Disember 15, 2004

( Went to the National Stadium last night : Malaysia won 2 -1 over Thailand yesterday after lagging 1 – 0 at halftime and made it to the semis; but to be frank I did not mind if Malaysia lost that match. The fight, the crowd, the drama, the “ F.R.U ” effect, the atmosphere - totally shocked and tantalized me by surprised ... one of the best in my many outings watching a football match. TEMPUR TERUS NEGARA KU MALAYSIA !!! )

Am writing like a mad thing currently, and keeping more or less up with everything except e-mail, Tiger Cup, sleeping+eating and comics. Yesterday I somehow managed to squeeze in writing a few testimonials for a few friends in Friendster. I have no idea how I did it. Maybe time is rubberier than I had thought.

Hmm. Sometimes I know when I'm writing that something's good -- there's a wonderful bubbly feeling as it hits the paper, and often it didn't exist even a moment before. Mostly I have no idea -- when I'm done I'm incredibly nervous. Sometimes I write something I like very much that utterly fails to set the world on fire, and sometimes I write something that I think is deeply flawed that many people love. Sometimes I write something that really doesn't work, and everyone else thinks it doesn't work too. Mostly I don't mind. I'm already trying to write the next thing.

p/s : … Faris ( my little bro’ ) is regaining his strength and momentum so rapidly after “ berkhatan ” last Friday; that my father asked him to stop playing football momentarily this morning. Remind me of me back then, heh!


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