Khamis, Disember 09, 2004

Today is Induction Day for me at my new place.

Lunch with the GODFATHER of Karangkraf ( ...TUAN HAJI Hushamuddin, and that’s no spelling error! ) and with other new recruits, during which I learned many things including the joys and tribulations and current status of almost the whole company. The unexpected side effect of having a lunch with them is that I'm getting a LOT of ideas to be put inside ‘ here ’ : in my head. The induction session in between that is going very well, thank you for asking. Am in a lovely house of brainworkers, where I write in a Fox Mulders’-like-basement-level-cubicle, which is the one room I can get warm up in the morning and rock ‘n rumble... Today I also learned something about listening to other people...(after loading a few things and stuff from my ‘ bedroom office ’ to my ‘ real office ’)I wrote a story once back in 1996. I showed it to a couple of people whose opinions I respected. One sniffed and said it was facetious rubbish and he thought I should try to grow up, and one said that it wasn't very good and that he couldn't think of anywhere that would publish it. So I put it in a drawer and forgot about it. When I thought about it, which was seldom, I remembered it as facetious rubbish, and felt faintly embarrassed to have written it. It wasn't bad. The plot bits were pretty funny, the style was solid, some of it prefigured things I'd do in a story if I have the chance to publish it. It's about what fantasy is, and why I write it, and what it would mean to write fantasy if you lived in a Gothic universe. It contains lines and tales like no other. So today, after re-reading it, I ran it through the computer. It wasn't the big rewrite I'd expected to do --- some tweaking here, and tidying there. But mostly while I typed I was just proud of the nervous young man who wrote it, and wished I could have gone back in time and told him not to listen to two people who didn't like it. That he'd just shown it to the wrong two people (It was better than many things from that period that did get published.) Not sure that there's a universal lesson to be taken from that but I realised that, if I was fairly happy with what I'd done, then listening to someone who disliked it for reasons that had nothing to do with what I was trying to do and whether I actually got there or not was a deeply silly thing to do, as was deciding, because two people didn't like it, to shelve the story for ever. So now I have a fantasy story to write for a book. If a new story gets done in time then there is more work and talking and negotiating and discussing and confirming while waiting for it to hit the market. If not, it will be another pending project for me. For now, tawaqal is a good word to be put in use. Either way it'll see print maybe for the next few hundred years, a bit late for me I reckon.

Lots of interesting questions emerged in my mailbox, and no time right now to do more than a tiny handful ( ...nanti esok-esok aku jawab la ok? )

p/s : I enjoy doing this, which is the main reason for being ‘ me ’.


Tanpa Nama berkata...

Dalam keghairahan jangan di lupa rakan yang banyak membantu di waktu susah. Ingat di mana bumi dipijak dan pasir mana yang kau genggam. Bila pasir bertukar menjadi batu, batu pun bisa lekuk di hempas ombak setiap masa, jadilah ombak tetap setia menghempas pantai setiap saat. Cuma bezanya pasang atau surut. Semoga berjaya 'sahabat'ku...

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