Rabu, Disember 29, 2004

There's some people out there who’d do anything to cross me. But some of you are really true to thyself. The fact is : that’s all the thing we need. In my mind is where I live and my mind never sleeps. No matter how much fortune or misfortune and fame or despair, by the end of the day --- all you have is yourself and no one else. I seldom questioned my existence in this life time. The more questions I ask myself, the more confusing and lost I got. Living life questioning life is a complete waste of life!

I hate hypocrisy and hypocrites alike; people proclaiming to be perfect and number one. People thinking that they're invincible to critiques. People who judged and label me by my outlook. I despise being labelled by people. Get to know me is getting to understand me.

( I'm starting to feel faintly cursed )

Got up this morning in a fine mood and Malaysia winning the 1st leg Tiger Cup semi-finals is the main factor, to be exact. Scribbled a few things in my notepad on what to write while blogging later. It was long, informative, useful and funny. I even wrote an impromptu short-essay on how to be ‘a local superhero’ and other lacky stuff. I recommended things. I philosophised. It was one of the great Blogger entries.( Oh!... aku mula terasa riak,maafkan aku).

Arrived at work around 8.15 am.

I set it to post and publish and walked into the cafeteria to grab something to eat. Then, like a character in a bad Hugh Grant flick, my friend ( three weeks old ) walked in to the office, carefully read the on-screen window with the journal in it ( but none of the other windows ) --- before it had even posted, let alone published, the entry I'd just written --- and got away with it. Then he/she wandered off, probably vaguely happy to have done something 'useful'.I ate cheerfully, crossed the hall to the office, sat down at the computer, saw what had happened, and started to express my feelings.

" Invasion of privacy," said me, wandering back. " It sets a bad example "


I'm going to have to print all the useful stuff I’ve done before. The rest of it is going to have to wait until I have some time.

So... am still waiting for 2005.


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