Isnin, Disember 13, 2004

Meanwhile ... ( Metropolis awaits for the return of its prodigal hero! )

One of the co-writers of the next Superman film says the team is far more on track than they were when writing the " X-Men " movies. Bryan Singer is already supervising construction of the Metropolis set for " Superman Returns " in Australia. They are building a portion of Metropolis, like a major backlot that's amazing. It's, like, three intersecting city blocks, and everything is four stories tall.It will be like a permanent New York City-slash-Metropolis. He's writing the script with Michael Dougherty, recreating the team who scripted " X2 - X-Men United ". Superman film has derailed involvement with an " X-Men " sequel for the moment. Instead, the team is working on a Superman story which other writers and directors such as Kevin Smith, J.J. Abrams and Tim Burton took a stab at, but failed. The next installment of Superman on the big screen, which will star relatively unknown Brandon Routh, is expected to begin shooting in March. Meanwhile, Mr. Brian Singer is not sure about doing another comic adaptation after this mega project because Superman is his one " ultimate dream " since being a director in Hollywood.

Now that Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey have been announced as " Superman Returns " hero and villain, the world of movie-fandom eagerly awaits for Bryan Singer to announce the casting of love interest Lois Lane. The two top contenders in recent weeks, Natalie Portman and Evangeline Lily, both had to drop out of the race. Portman because she's not interested, Lily because of her commitment to " Lost ", an ABC serial. A website produced a new list of top choices, all of them potentially interesting. " Under the Sea's " Kate Bosworth, who was also among top contenders to play Sue Storm in " Fantastic Four ", is said to be interested and considered. Elisha Cuthbert, from " 24 " and " The Girl Next Door ", who might be a little young , is also looked at. But most surprising is Romeo's Juliet, Claire Danes. Her star is on the high rise again after getting an impact on " Terminator 3 " and acclaimed indy movie " Stage Beauty ". Of course, Brian Singer might also come up with an unknown for that role as well. But you have to admit those aren't bad choices, and Routh himself must be hoping for one of those three. For those who didn't know, " Superman Returns " is eyeing a 2006 release and the title for the movie is still tentative.

p/s : so, anymore questions?...


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