Jumaat, Disember 31, 2004

Let’s see.

I am not entirely a fan of 2004, really. It seemed sort of strange and awkward but I like it at various points...

And I just realised I probably will post some interesting stuff coming 2005, so this is by way of being a New Year's greeting to all of you out there who read this. May your 2004 be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you all had an amazing year and met someone(s) who thinks you're wonderful, and not to forget to make some note --- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in 2005, you’d surprise yourself.

My own new year's resolution? I want to write more. There are too many stories not told, and a limited amount of time to tell them in ( but I guess the ‘malas’ factor did kicked in ). Some people who follow this blog from the beginning said they wanted less stuff around. I've spent 24 years accumulating stuff, and now can't remember why which is rather wonderful. The best thing about living, I thought, when I read my own version of a so-called ‘diary’, some years ago, watching me change, with time from the dumb old-days to the ‘restoration era’ : watching me discover how the world works ( to which I slowly become wise … wise ke? ), watching me grow and reinvent myself. The other best thing is that, confiding in that coded diary, I gradually becoming unutterably honest, and thus human, sometimes shockingly so.

I experienced a journey into manhood. *WHOAA*

I suspect that my god-given talent made me a somehow remarkable wonderer of hope, dream and the impossible. Now, if I was being somebody else, I would have be a lousy blogger, but luckily none of the people I’m writing about are going to be reading this blog whihing and claiming how vain I am.

But of course, whatever the obstacles and challenges and critiques are, I still keep
this journal. If I interpret the figures correctly, there are about less than 10 people reading it every month, which is very much predictable ( …Hmmm,aku pun taktau sebenarnya, ada ke orang baca benda-benda mengarut yang aku tulis selama ni? ). Some of you don't read my fiction and article and just like the journal. Several of you ( mostly my loyal comic buddies ), use it to try and keep track of where I am and what I'm doing.

I suppose that looking it over, it’s not that bad. I mean, I did a lot of things in 2004. There just wasn't, with the possible unevitable exception of many uneasy memories or experiences. That’s one big thing I can point to for the past 365.

Haven’t finished any books or novella yet though, ‘cos I kept reading it half-way and lost the book somewhere over unwanted distractions. Which should have been omitted on the 2004 resolution list. So I’ll stop typing this, and go and try to finish some titles ... later ... i guess ;p

2004, hoping everyone else had a safe past year.

Now 2005. Now that’s another brand new story.

A brand New Year.

Wishes and prayers to everyone out there who support, believe and still putting on that hope in me. That is something I will never forget ‘till the day everything stops and the time abruptly halts.


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