Selasa, Disember 14, 2004

Just saw and having an exclusive sneak peek that I considered preliminary concept sketches and character design of " Kapten Malaysia " by the ever undisputable Mr. Gayour ... breath-takingly original and supremely powerful work of art.

Fascinating. People keep sending me news and well-deserved praises about the afore-mentioned “ Karangkraf Comics ”. Thank you. All of them have been supportive, sometimes in details, often in the big picture. Nik Nadzru was in the frontline with me all the way : taking virtual notes, changing ideas, arguing facts, disputing figures on countless comic reviews and previews session. He is factually correct all the way through, most of the time … I guess ( some people have had trouble with the both of us for being so fanatical - I'll see if they really mind us linking to it some other way now,heheh! In the meantime, you could try registering and telling if you like comics and seeing if that helps after the release of the comics in 2 – 3 months time ).

Never got anything to oblige at this point. I've been an avid fan and follower of Karangkraf's “ Kapten Malaysia ” since before I absolutely knew that there was really an “ original ” Malaysian superhero . I used to buy copies of Mingguan Kanak-Kanak in primary school and suggest them to my childhood clicks ( something I also used to do back then as my passion for comics starts to kick-off slowly ) until I couldn't find them any more. To be honest I think that LIGHT really got me all the attention I need. It's way out beyond astonishing. Lots of over-the-top blurbs from local comic book creators since they cancelled him but it turned out to be a “ déjà vu ” moment when you suddenly went to the place where you got to settle down and work. Its incredible I tell you.

I suspect this is going to be far too cool, and have absolutely no idea what its gonna be like …so I just have to keep my mouth shut on certain matters.

Also, an extra-ordinary meeting at Karangkraf today : all the writers, editors, staff, etc assembled for a “ confidential and top secret agenda ”. The problem seems to be that while they can “ do ” it as much as they like, it only stays OK until the next time I post something, at which point it just reverts to its natural entropic not actually working sort of state. Ah ... This of ‘course would already be telling. CRAP!!!

Oh. Right. That's a completely different matter. ( The answer, of course, is still elusive or part of the question momentarily )


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