( Found my Raya shoes, it seems that I misplaced the item for an undisclosed reason. But prior to the point --- praise God the Almighty : Alhamdulillah ! )

Well, yesteday was fun. Lots of happy people around, an enjoyable ( …but long ) working period and reading and answering questions from obvious source and similar resources. Now back at my desk and ready to write for a ‘ few ’ more hours, then off to the masjid for Friday prayers and lunch. I have to buckle up first for another ‘exciting’ day at work, of course. You know …if I were more ‘ awake ’, I could probably make the above sound much more interesting, and the answer to that conundrum : propose my idea for remixing passion for writing comic story or articles and working beyond the stretch of any ‘ corporate flunky ’. What I thought worked and what I thought didn't, and all that sort of stuff, but I'm still a little punchy so I won't.Oh! all right. I do whine a lot lately. And I wish things will be set in order soon and my quest to save the world a bit at a time.

You know what, I need to explain this to someone. Someone who is ‘ connected ‘ to the real world. I felt like there is someone ( ? ) That individual have exactly all the answers I wanted. I just didn't quite understand why I hadn’t make that effort to seek that person.

But then again, you never know.

If ever I get inspired into looking for that ‘ someone ’ … of course I'll post it up here in plenty of time. So far I've succeeded in saying no.

p/s : an emotional and ‘ distractive ’ Friday morning.