Selasa, November 30, 2004

( Woke up this morning having, I assume, popped a blood-vessel in my left brain while I slept : the colour of my eye can't no longer be classified , and I look quite scary. Wondering if I'll go to work tomorrow with a beard or not --- I've had this thought since forever. )

There are days I am are purely myself. Today is one of them because tomorrow I am starting a new chapter of my life : the OFFICIAL day-one at KARANGKRAF COMICS after a long awaited-overdued days and dates.

A couple of notes on the above; finally getting a REAL job is an amazing thing, out-of-this-world experience at any point ... it's a huge, gorgeous, fantastic feeling that was made and given to me by a thing called rezeki. Actually after years of wanting to write for a local comic publication, but not having a local-only idea, I've had a local-only idea that makes me really happy, that I'm excited about, that has to be ' live ' local by definition, and that I really want to write. With luck I'll get time to write it in the next few years of my life.

Full confirmation of this, along with regards and any other details that may be relevant will go up here as soon as I have them. But for now I thought it might be a good thing to post this so-called ' career profile ' resume of mine, back when I first came for that pulse-pounding interview confronting the five head honchos' of KARANGKRAF COMICS :


I am an amature freelance writer ; specializing in comic books, copywritings, blogwritings, internet-articles and critiques - currently living in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

I actually started my quest for a career in comic books or creative writing more than a decade ago when I became hooked on American mainstream comics. I originally wanted to be a comic artist / cartoonist, but as time went on; my drawing skills progressed rather slowly. I was also having a difficult time finding people to write stories for me to draw, and I had to write my own. I eventually found that I liked that much better anyways.

I still continue to draw for my own benefit and freetime, and I would like to eventually sharpen my skills to showcase my art in the comics I write. But for now, my focus is my writing.
I read comics constantly and update myself on latest news and previews from the internet or related magazines and comic periodicals.

Through it all, I will always like to continue the pursuit of my comic book career and goals. Like some writers, I created a weblog - , and several other online critiques and commentary. I had plans to conquer the comic book industry; however reality would eventually set in.

After several years of slow progress, I decided the best way to break into the business was to focus on submissions and other more conventional methods. With that, I put my creator owned projects on the back burner (where they remains today), with plans to revive them in the near future.

So, in the comic book community in Malaysia, chances are people to read my work somewhere is extremely very rare because I write anonymously.
Today, I write and compile my scripts and articles gradually while also writing for a variety of other job offering and websites.

My ultimate ambition is to work professionally with any mainstream comic book publishers in the U.S.A, such as Marvel Comics or D.C Comics - so that I can uplift the prospects of the comic book industry in Malaysia.

When I'm not working - which is quite common of late - I enjoy spending time with my friends and siblings, surfing the Internet ( mostly comic books, movies, weblogs, webgroups and writer columns ), playing football or just relaxing and watching television or movies.

I think all the wishes and prayers has caught up with me, and I am going to try and sleep off an after-thinking sort of a pleasant headache. But this made me smile ... with joy.

And look, I am somebody now ( I guess ).

p/s : ... Thank you for all the people out there.
korang taulah sapa korang tu! : )
aku terhutang budi dengan semua.


Sufian berkata...

I dunno apa cerita but congratz.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Congrates from me too!!!

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