Sabtu, November 13, 2004

Well, it looks like it is finally starting to come together on the STAR WARS: EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH front, with its kickass teaser trailer from last week ( let's forget the crappy teaser poster for now ), as well as plenty of cool ( and free! ) new pictures via, including biographies on everyone involved, their profiles, homeworlds, favorite weapons, etc. Lots of neat peeps to check out, including friggin' Darth Vader himself and my new favorite looking baddass : General Grievous. A little intro, courtesy of the film's mania, sets things up nicely below.

" For three long years the Clone Wars have torn apart the galaxy. Despite the skills of highly trained clone troopers led by Jedi Generals, the Republic fails to decisively defeat the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The battle burns brightest in the scattered fronts of the Outer Rim Sieges. As desperation grows and heroes rise on both sides of the war, the Separatists, led by Count Dooku and General Grievous, make an ambitious strike at the heart of the galaxy. Thus the stage is set, and events are put into motion that will culminate in the fall of the Republic, the end of the Jedi order, and the rise of Darth Vader... "

Frame by frame description of the 'Revenge of the Sith' teaser trailer.

00:07 - 20th Century Fox Logo

00:09 - Lucasfilm Logo

00:14 - "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

00:19 - Luke Skywalker in ANH walks out to view the binary sunset on Tatooine.

00:23 - Obi-Wan Kenobi in ANH speaks to Luke about the Jedi.

00:26 - Qui-Gon Jinn in TPM brandishes his saber before the final duel with Darth Maul.

00:27 - Shot from AOTC of the Clonetroopers walking into the transport.

00:29 - Shot from AOTC of the Clonetroopers at the end of the movie with transports lifting
off in the background.

00:23 - First Revenge of the Sith shot of Obi-Wan and Anakin with their
backs toward the camera, walking up to a window during the day.

00:36 - AOTC shot of Anakin looking evil just before the Tusken slaughter.

00:38 - AOTC shot of Anakin riding the Swoop on Tatooine.

00:41 - ANH Obi-Wan continues his voice-over.

00:42 - Second Revenge of the Sith shot. A hooded Anakin turns to the camera with red and
yellow eyes much like Darth Maul's.

00:50 - Shot of erupting volcanoes on Mustafar.

00:56 - Geonosians ride giant beetles in a Mustafar lava field.

00:58 - Black screen with Darth Sidious saying "Lord Vader?" followed by Vader's "Yes Master?"
and Sidious' "Riiiiise".

01:04 - Darth Vader, strapped to a table, begins to rise.

01:05 - A hooded Obi-Wan looks up. He is in a darkly lit area with sunlight seen in the
background. This is possibly a location on Utapau.

01:06 - Palpatine turns to look at the camera.

01:07 - Vader continues to rise.

01:08 - R2D2 on the Tantive IV.

01:08 - C3PO on the Tantive IV.

01:09 - Padme turns to look at Obi-Wan with a terrified look on her face.

01:09 - Mace Windu raises his saber above his head. This shot is inside Palpatine's office.

01:10 - Vader continues to rise.

01:11 - Chewbacca and Tarfful.

01:12 - Yoda, in Palpatine's doorway, opens his cloak to reveal his saber.

01:13 - Vader finishes his rise and locks into frame.

01:17 - Two starfighters speed past the camera during the Battle of Coruscant.

01:18 - Anakin kisses Padme.

01:19 - Yoda, in Palpatine's office, pulls out his ignited saber and points with it.

01:19 - A starfighter in the Battle of Coruscant speeds along the hull of a capitol ship towards
the camera.

01:20 - Mace Windu fights against a red lightsaber in Palpatine's office.

01:20 - A large Wookiee army cheers on the Kashyyyk beach. Republic walkers and troop
transports can be seen in the background.

01:21 - Tion Meddon snarls at Obi-Wan.

01:22 - Flaming capitol ship heads into Coruscant with a fire ship spraying water on it.

01:22 - A very angry Anakin does an overhead slash with his saber.

01:23 - R2D2 in a grimy area.

01:24 - Padme, with a ANH Leia haircut, hugs Anakin.

01:24 - A small Naboo cruiser flies away from Mustafar.

01:25 - Obi-Wan and Anakin, both with blue sabers, fight on Mustafar as lava erupts around

01:26 - Capitol ships fire on each other above Coruscant.

01:27 - Anakin grab's Obi-Wan's neck with his robotic arm.

01:27 - A "Tri-fighter" flies toward the camera during the Battle of Coruscant.

01:28 - Obi-Wan held near the ground by Anakin.

01:29 - Anakin holds Obi-Wan's saber arm as he continues to force him to the ground.

01:30 - A starship hanger door slams shut.

01:30 - A very angry Darth Sidious swings his red lightsaber at something possibly small and
close to the ground.

01:31 - A large explosion on a capitol ship above Coruscant.

01:36 - Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith logo.

p/s : ... the saga is complete.


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