Isnin, November 29, 2004

There. Home on early Monday again, feeling all-lazy and goofy, with deadlines buzzing about my head like wild hornets. I don't think I do weekends terribly well --- I'd rather be writing or watching televison ( although I got to experience a few open houses and a christian wedding; which was interesting). Woke up this morning for a structure of another story in my head, which is probably a short fiction for people who never interact, and ' another ' person who isn't there, which made me very happy. Then I tried to figure out when I'd be able to write it, and with luck it'll be somewhere in 2005. Which seems ... well, silly in this period of time.

Finished reading a book last night. It was a huge success for me after not finishing a single book since UiTM. I enjoyed reading it and revisiting an old favourites' like that is not enough, that I went back down to my folks house and ' selongkar ' the store or library lapok as my mum put it. Lots of odd books I had when I was a kid. Still loving each and every one of them ( ... aku marah kalau mak aku nak buang semua buku-buku tu : katanya ' sampah ' , CHISSS!!! )

Ask a friend about what type of writer should I be. According to him, I'm a " fairy tale " writer. Is that cool? When I was a kid, I really wanted to grow up to write science fiction, and I've always felt like I might have had a chance at being the next H.G Wells or Isaac Asimov or even Philip K. Dick. If I'd only paid a little more attention in Science, and if I hadn't hated Science ( or at least, my Science teacher) quite so much. And if I had a mind that went to those places. I'm very used to being described as a comics writer, a fantasy writer, or a column writer. Or just a writer. But I think this is the first time I've been a " fairy tale " writer.
( a word I find cutely retro, like fables, and, while I'd not use it, not offensive, although I have friends who do not like it at all )

So I'm watching some " Transformers: Energon " today ( with a friend, of course ) and I was reminded of how absolutely cool it is. No wonder I'm so addicted to … I mean, was … how addicted I WAS to it back in the day … when I was younger and of child age and such. Anyway, if you're like me then you're also excited about the upcoming " TRANSFORMERS " real-life movie, especially seeing as how it's been reported that Steven Spielberg is taking an active part in its development. The few things we've heard from the movie, however, have come from what producer Don Murphy has been cool enough to post over at his official site.

That's about it for excitement today, other than noticing in the mirror that I actually now have a beard. I have a theory that no-one can recognise me with a beard and a long hair, which despite no-one ever not recognising me bearded and long haired, I persist in believing, because I surprise myself each time I look in the mirror.

Another boring self-analysis.


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