Sorry about this and that. Half-way through puasa, feeling stressed-out and irritated ( ... its not the hunger but something else more complicated ). I decided to take my own advice. As a solution to various problems you and I may encounter upon the way, let me suggest this :

Make good Art. It's very simple. But it seems to work. Life fallen apart? Make good art. True love ran off with a better life? Make good art. Financial disaster? Make good art. So, that's what I did. Mostly I'm writing a novel now, but that's such a mountain-climbing-or-ditch-digging sort of a thing to do that I stopped working on it for a few days and I finished a short story I'd started a couple of years ago ( it was to be for my ex's 24th Birthday. I now have moved on. Further questions are prohibited). In the past two years I'd written about three pages of it --- say 1000 words. And between now and buka puasa time yesterday I wrote another five thousand five hundred words ( it rains lately ... its the best time for me to write! ), until I put the last one down and suddenly there weren't any more to write. It's a very odd story.

Now ... if my mind serves me correctly today, I am pretty sure as much mystery about what " Phase II : life after UiTM " has transmuted into something else.

So for any of you who are wondering about it (or even if you just want to see what I looked like as a 24 year old journalist, with the possibility of wearing a borrowed suit and a black second-hand sneakers from uptown flea-market, in some awkward interview with an unknown), you'll want to click on this site more regularly. And there will be another installment in a few days' time.

for now, just play safe guys!

p/s : 'transmute' ??! ... hahahah!! I stole that line from 'Battle of the Planets'.