Nothing exciting to report. I've survived 3 days of Hari raya, and was sort of enjoying it by the end of day three ( a oh-so-simple Hari Raya that is ... ). I am now at my folk's home, catching up on brothers' and sisters'. For Fara Farzana @ Nana's 4th birthday ( the little sister; not the DJ ) she asked me for a Barbie school bag as a present, which she wanted so bad. It's been several months now, and is almost a bit too late, but I'm cheerfully getting it for her. Now, when I'm not dozing, eating, or being dragged around on walks ... I like teasing her a lot ("You like the walks! You're the one who drags people! That's not fair" says Nana ( mind reading this over my shoulder). Aah! ... kids' nowadays!

Right. Hope all of you are having a wonderful time for this whole month of Syawal.


kulatkulat berkata…
wahh.. betapa hanya kau mengetahui betapa aku mengagumi insan seni @ lelaki bernama Muhammad nasir Muhammad... betapa aku mengagumi setiap seni yang mengalir dalam dirinya! Kalau betul filem kali ini wujud.. aku kagum lagih!
Tak tau kenapa.. tapi aku memang suka gila dengan M.Nasir.. haha semua orang tahu aku rasa...
Dia insan seni yang betul2 seni!