Ahad, November 28, 2004

It's madness on the writing front right now, lots of tiny things to do along with the big things, and none of them are moveable. Still undecisive on what type of writer I wanted to be once I started doing it seriously next month. I think I thought I might be a science fiction or a fantasy writer. I don't think all of my stories have been dark and deep and macabre or total " adult fairy tales " --- I don't really imagine that people are meeting up to talk about me. It never works like that. I'm happy to be an excuse for people to meet and drink a beverage of their choice at each other, though. Then they complain about the topic, go off to get something to eat, and, if they like each other, do it again. ( ... unluckily for me, I was with them all the time,*sigh*! )

That's why comics are magic because I can read this thing I wrote and go; " This is so amazing! " I wrote it, but the finished thing needed someone else to draw and create ( I lose that ability to draw a long time ago due to frustration ) and to put things into place. I may write for another hundred years, but I'll never read a prose story I've written with that sense of bemused, parental delight. I'm still that kid back during my schooling years in Subang Jaya Primary!

Long ... occasionally frustrating, eventually rewarding day of battling with computers. I've more or less managed to get the network working again, and to reinstall a few things for the internet, and everything's more or less where it was four or five days ago before I screwed everything up a little, and then, in an attempt to fix it : screwed everything up a lot. Also it rains --- several inches --- and then began to gather up a thunderstorm outside earlier today. Typical November " Pantai Barat " monsoon I guess.

It does seem a bit simplistic, or at least, a bit wrong. You might want to take a look at the list I wrote early in January of what I did last year ( before doing a list of unpractical and unrealistic resolution for this year ). Most of what I wrote was comics -- about nearly 10 pages of comics last year. Much of that will start being published early next year, thanks to Karangkraf and people will go ( ... possibly most of them are my friends here in my hometown ) thinking : Damn!!! He's back doing comics. Although by that time I'll be doing something else like maybe a novel. I think it's about time to write one, it's over two years since I finished something literate to read and I think it's time to try and do a longish piece of prose again ( ... Hahaha! Tiba-tiba rasa nak tergelak pulak ) .

I keep hoping that sooner or later a few more of me will show up, and then I can write some of the things people are waiting for. Maybe they could even even catch up on e-mail or friendster as usual. But currently it's just me. Peculiar, isn't it?



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