Jumaat, November 12, 2004

I saw " The Incredibles " yesterday with my brothers and sisters, and I'm still trying to untangle what I think of it.

In a nutshell, I'd summarize it as " The best Pixar film since Toy Story, plus with superheroes. " It's really a Retro superhero film, not another animation flick.

The film completely drops the ball on its premise (superheroes retire en masse - what happens next?). After all, do all the supervillains retire at the same time? Why? If not, how does society handle them? If well, then wouldn't heroes feel genuinely unneeded? If poorly, then wouldn't society want the heroes back? The film also uses one of its best concepts - that the heroes go underground and form a secret,secret identity ( heh! ) - as a blind for the real story, which is unfortunate.

So, it ended up being two things: An animation film with strong comic book effect, which it does well; and a film about family, which would have been more compelling had it had something profound to say. I guess in summary it falls into the category of " original idea executed well ", which seems like the lot of many superhero films in my lifetime ( the first Superman film and Tim Burton's Batman films definitely fall into this category).

( Well, I'll see if I can untangle this further when I write my own journal entry reviewing all the best comic book related film.)

By the way, did anyone see the preview of Pixar's next film, Cars? I presume the preview was a package deal with " The Incredible ". My reaction to the preview was, "Gee, I have about as much interest in seeing that as I did in seeing White Chicks."

It looked that bad. Ugh!

p/s : please ... more comic book animated movies.


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