I'm always impressed by people who display on their websites or blogs ( ... if you will ); proudly, the bizarre things that other people had typed into search engines in order to get to their site. Occasionally they stumble into the area of extreme surreality or dangerous 'surprises', not to mention really bad spelling. And this is amusing or interesting. So every now and then, when I remember, I go and look at the sort of backstage information about a website area, and try to make sense of it. And, almost two years on, I still haven't posted any amusing search engine results up here. This is because there haven't been any. You'll see what I mean when I tell you that the last ten search engines to arrive here did so through people searching for the following:

1. Comics

2. Movies

3. Love poems

4. Love lyrics

5. Comics

6. Neil gaiman

7. Bedtime story

8. Comics

9. Comics

10. Comics

Sigh. And that's typical, I'm afraid. It can be very interesting, being a rare-young adult (... adult ke aku ni??!) at unscheduled events and social activities, anyway. I remember how odd it was, researching for my story, and being the only grown up at MPH's or Kinokunya's kids section. It won't work, you know ... for someone else ( or will it?? )

p/s : I'm afraid this website can no longer, sight unseen --- be any less pathetic. The service that i used to 'offer' has been discontinued due to complaints from spouses and friends ... *%&^$!!!!