( more news from the world of fanboy! )
... here are a few rumours and facts that i gathered concerning the much awaited X-men 3 (X3) flick; which is in rapid development.
1. Joss Whedon (Buffy:the vampire slayer) is interested in directing X3! He has gone on record saying that he would love to tackle the project, after Bryan Singer decided to leave. Whedon is currently writing an X-MEN comic series!
2. Halle Berry has confirmed that she won't be doing X3! She stated that she wanted more screentime and more money, but the studio would not follow through. Christina Milian will now fill the vacant role.
3. As of now, Bryan Singer won't be directing X3. He signed a contract with Warner Bros to develop and direct SUPERMAN. This went against the deal he had with Fox Studios for film developments, including X3.
4. Famke 'Jean' Janssen is already contracted for X3! To ensure that she would be back as Phoenix in X3, the actress made sure to sign on!
5. Rob Bowman (Elektra) has also been on board to direct X3! He will begin development work shortly after he finished shooting Elektra in Vancouver!
6. The partially built Danger Room set is still in Vancouver, awaiting completion according to X2 production designer.
7. The producers would like Colin Farrell to play Gambit, and apparently he was seen holding an X-Men comic book years ago!( what??? seingat aku Gambit tu French --- bukan Irish!!? )
8. Singer, Jessica Simpson has will star as Dazzler in X3 and in her own spin-off film! Producers met with the singer and were very impressed with her screentest!
9. Gambit & Beast were in Bryan Singer's X3 treatment! Though there roles in the story were kept quiet, we do know that Gambit's role was greater than Beasts. With a new director, everything could change though.