Could it be that after years of rumors, several directors, tons of money, betting contests and fanboy fights, the new Superman has finally been chosen? Is it really possible? Well, comic writer Mark Millar definitely seems to think so. Over on his official site he writes "…my same good buddy has informed me that, as of last Thursday night, Mister Jim Caviezel is officially the new man of steel and what a perfect choice he is. Expect an announcement shortly. Also, this Superman Returns thing was just for the press release. The movie itself is called SUPERMAN (Reeve's was called SUPERMAN THE MOVIE) and it's starting everything from scratch. Brainiac. Krypton. Robots. Alien super-cities…" Caviezel's name has been thrown about before as a possible candidate for the Man of Steel and he did say that he would "love to do it". Further, Bryan Singer seemed to be pretty adamant about getting Supes flying as soon as possible. Hopefully, an official announcement on casting will be made soon so that I can have less bruises and not have to down as much headache on long debate i had with fanboys over the years.
Thank You.
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