Last night was well spent with a friend and her crew. Met up with them at Karangkraf, which has copies of many periodicals and well-sought-after magazines, and I know this because I read stacks of it well before I’ve been there. Had profound information on what publication is all about.

Karangkraf has an astonishing amount of cool stuff in boxes and on shelves in backrooms -- even more astonishing if you include the stuff they can't find. It occurred to me today, talking about stuff they couldn't find (old back issues). I am a junkie for junk ( get me?).

If only I have access to all the archive in the world and find all the things that I put on my wish list. Will that be a dream come true? Ah! Forget it … too complicated.

And once that was done, remarkably a good day followed. Took a short break from thinking ‘hardcore’ stuff; that at one point or many – which almost made me ‘gila’ … as in totally ‘mereng’! “Jiwa tengah kacau beb!!!”, exclaim myself to a friend a few days ago. I do believe (for reasons that shall remain unspecified, but you'll have to take my word for it) that the true meaning of inner-peace or ‘ketenangan jiwa’ is still and very much elusive.

Tomorrow, will continue on unwanted things of my so-called life. Tonight I have a houseful of temporary calmness. Meaning : lots and lots of comic reading. A source of inspiration which I couldn’t explain … again.

I thought I was going to write some story earlier, hit my friend for a publishing note, and then answer today's e-mail and some friendster’s messages. I could only manage the friendster.

I was so wrong. Bed seems like so much more sensible an option.