I don't think I've ever said there were no rules in life. I've definitely said that you can do a lot of interesting things by breaking them, and also by not knowing them. But overall, I tend to believe something that my old-self used to say, whenever I'd done what I considered a particularly interesting reading of something, which was, "... please remember that before you can be properly eccentric, you must know where the circle is."

I'm not saying you can't fuse or blend seriousness and humour ( I've done it already, several times ). I'm probably saying that in a story ( or at least, in my story ) ... I'm trying to make something that feels like a layer-cake, with different flavours and textures in the cake, but it's obviously all part of one thing, and in not making something that has a layer of chocolate cake and then a layer of sashimi and ends with a layer of barbecued ribs.

And it's always wise to ignore the daily maunderings of a story-teller ( like me ) while they're writing.

I'm a writer.

All I'm really interested in is how the pen fits into my hand, whether it's weighted in a way that allows me to write for a long time, and what kind of marks the nib makes when I start writing, which may mean I'm probably not a proper pen-junkie at all.

It hadn't occurred to me that people would think that I meant that people should be taught not to think the wrong things. ( I was tempted to continue that sentence, "No, what I meant was that people should be taught not to think the wrong things..." when I realised that, yes, someone could assume that was indeed what I meant ... go figurelah! ) suppose that there are people who could fail to notice when I'm deploying irony, exaggerating for humorous effect or just burbling. But I'd hate to have to take this journal down to the lowest common denominator, just in case. I think you people lot are brighter than that.

Well, it was interesting anyways. I learned lots of things.


Yongster berkata…
Write...write..write... channel your emotions..