A couple of days without a reliable routine : and now I'm at my local CC, killing time.

Still kind of processing this coming weekend --- I was kept much busier than I ever expected to be during the weekends, but still failed to hook up with a lot of people during the nights. (by the way ... i need a new nokia hp). Another friend of mine made it to the U.K again : a freeloader who also used to be a stingy poker in one of the few remaining outings (... and I spent a chunk of last saturday nite picking his brains).

Just before I left ITM (Oooo... do i missed the good ol'days there!!!), I found some old notes towards a story set partially in my so-called script work. And it feels like it's coalescing into something now. Thanks, fellowship of freinds from Masscomm. (I'm told that people were wondering why I was spending so much time flashing-back: it's mostly because I've recently helped convincing myself to take my grump memories and bad experiences public. And hello to all the lover-haters out there ---

Also, finally got to meet some long lost friend too, who turns out to be another of the disturbingly influential figure in my life, and her boyfriend; to whom I now owe at least lots of respect.

Abu ( bukan nama sebenar dalam kad pengenalan), my unofficial best-friend since i 'made' a living here waaaay back in 1987, kept asking if I'll go back to being a comic book artist. Bearing in mind the frankly 'bizarre' size of the crowds I seemed to draw during my years at SMSU, and my intent to establish deeper in comics later after i leave school, and the fact that there was not one single support(both financially and spiritually) or encouragement since. I think it's pretty likely that I was doomed to be this way.

I now go to look for someplace to where i can spend the rest of my life.

Goodbye, past-life.
See you, when i see you!