( ... the dream of a dream; which that i dreamt )

I've never done anything like this before. What will weightlessness feel like? A rollercoaster? Or floating in water, but without the water? When I was little, I used to have lots of recurring dreams about flying -- the dream-sensation of weightlessness felt so vivid, once I half-woke-up and sleep-jumped right off a flight of stairs. How is it that our bodies already know what zero-gravity feels like? Are we remembering what it felt like to float in utero? That waking dream of flight and floating -- it's something each of us physically understand. I'm looking forward to feeling the real thing.

A friend of mine in sekolah rendah was an amateur astronomer. He taught me a lot of things about stars and space when I was a boy. He was there, in our class (... if im not mistaken Dua Teratai kot??), when I realized I couldn't fly that day. He picked me up, and probably had to work really hard at not laughing. Later, after lots of band-aids and tissues, he explained what gravity was. I remember feeling really stupid all over again when he told me, "Oi!, people just can't float like that." I wish he could be here and explain to me the concept of gravity all over again.

I've asked around on this one, and I am fairly puzzled. No-one seems to know where this behaviour comes from. I think it's a dreamer 'made-up thingy'. And while I was sent a script last week for a drama by a friend who loves it and very much wants to make it, it wasn't fair thinking how Malaysian viewer are not ready for it (of whom I am so disappointed).