WRITE ... Why do I write? I ask myself that very question every now and then – especially when I'm falling behind on a deadline and/or have a horrendous case of writers block. Well, one reason that I write is because I don't play the reserves side for any football team. Now, that would be uncool. But, seeing how I'm already twenty-four years old, my prime playing days are probably behind me. Another reason that I write is that it is something I can do while not wearing pants (... meaning : i can wear kain sarung while i'm writing...ish!ish!). If I were a police officer or fireman, I would have to wear pants; just for the sake of giving examples. But, the main reason why I write is because I am a fan of storytelling – mostly good storytelling, but sometimes even bad storytelling.

I'm a fan of storytelling in all sorts of different mediums: comic books, television, movies, dramas, sitcoms and even the occasional novel (when I'm doing what every good writer should do and actually read). When I am exposed to storytelling, either good or bad from whatever medium, it usually inspires me one of three ways.

I can do better than that. Not to sound egotistical, but every now and then I experience a quality of storytelling that might not be up to par with the majority of experiences that I've enjoyed. First off, kudos to the storyteller for even attempting and finishing their story – whether it's a comic book, teleplay, screenplay, short story, or novel, etc… Writing and/or good storytelling doesn't come easy to everyone – even those that are considered the some of the best at it. So, good or bad, the storyteller deserves some props regardless of the quality. Anyone who is a fan of storytelling deserves the right to be a critic of storytelling. If there wasn't bad storytelling there wouldn't be good storytelling. It's just the way that it is. This doesn't mean that I don't get anything out of the story. Even bad storytelling has its merits. It inspires me to do better – to prove that I can do better. Sometimes a writer (well, at least me anyway) can use the motivation of "if people like that wait until they see what I can do." Maybe that's a selfish view, but if it works I'm going to hang onto it.

What if I did it this way? This happens a lot. I'll be reading a comic book or watching movie and be enjoying the experience when it hits me – "Hey, this is cool, but what if…" This isn't to say that what I am reading or view is bad or that I could do better. But, I might ask myself "What if the superhero's girlfriend was responsible for the villain escaping instead of his bitter ex-partner?" Or, "What if the spaceships looked like this and had the ability to do this?" And, there's always, "What if the hero turned left instead of right?" This usually happens with storytelling that I enjoy with settings or characters that I'm familiar with. I wonder how I would deal with those settings and characters if I were given the chance to play in that sandbox.

I can only strive to be that good. This is a tough one. While it can serve as a muse it can also serve as an obstacle. When I'm reading or viewing a story that I really enjoy and find constructed in the highest caliber I often find my own creative juices start to percolate and bubble over. Sometimes no matter how good the story is that I'm enjoying, I find my mind wandering off on my own creative endeavors. But, then when I sit down to actually create it hits me … I'm not that good. I can't pull this off. That's when I have to manipulate that obstacle into a challenge worthy of conquering rather than obstacle to stifle my efforts.

But, the main reason that I write is because it is a need – a need to create. It might not be a physical need like an addiction to heroin, but the withdrawal symptoms of not writing can be rather stifling – just ask anyone who writes. If I've got this idea about a rock star tyrannosaurs-rex that fights crime while trying to maintain a relationship with his super-spy/fashion model girlfriend (ouch!), I'm going to have to put fingers to keyboard and pound it out if I'm going to get on with the rest of my life. It's a necessity, not a choice. And, like many other writers both amateur and professional it stems from being a fan of storytelling, whatever the medium may be.

p/s : ... this is done out of pure boredom and expliclit headache after arguing with a ' oh-so special ' girlfriend, watching bad tv shows and reading sloppy old comic books. * yeaa... *


Tanpa Nama berkata…
i like what you wrote.. Nice one.. Keep it up dude. At least one of us is doing what he/she likes to do.