( the sandman is in a state of hibernation clocking down to the most pulse-pounding 24 hours of his life … might consider breaking down as well )

here’s what lies in my head before tomorrow.

everything was a bit … a little bit more than normal yesterday ; met a few friends at our official hang-out place or ‘mapley’ ,if you please. Than made an appointment with a friend for a blog-storming session today ( … he’s off to UK later next month for the occasional study-abroad-routine, so he asked for a blog tip 101 to keep him updated there ). Got back home around 9.15pm --- a mere 15 minutes left before a 9 months lapse of the most anticipated and addictive season serial since ‘the x-files’ and ‘macgyver’ ( … there are more but these are the most contagious for me ).

--- and I welcome,

here’s how I described the show yesterday ; What's up with Clark Kent ( or ‘Ada Apa Dengan Clark Kent’ to make it more interesting )? Clark has been living in Metropolis for three months since he left Smallville. "Bad" Clark is known as "Cal"in Metropolis. He is under the influence of the red krypotonite in his Smallville High class ring, trying to escape the pain he has caused his family by the accident during the explosion of his spaceship in the cellar. The affects of the red kryptonite causes him pain from the burn scar on his chest. The pain is only relieved when he removes the ring. With the ring removed, Clark calls home from a phone booth, but won't speak when he hears Martha's voice. "Cal" is leading a life of crime, robbing banks and ATMs to fund his extravagant life. He even escapes a full S.W.A.T. team. Morgan Edge, the biggest crime boss in Metropolis ( before Lex Luthor entered the rouge gallery of Superman comics continuum; of course, ) makes Clark an offer of big money to join him.

What's up with Jonathan Kent? Pete realizes that the masked gunman's crimes detailed in The Daily Planet are the capers of Clark. He tells the Kents. Jonathan is determined to go find Clark, but Martha stops him.

What's up with Chloe, the rejected love interest? Chloe tries to convince Lana that Clark is gone and she should move on with her life. Lionel Luthor requests Chloe meet him at the cave. She thinks its odd, as Lex's funeral is approaching. Lionel shoots veiled threats at Chloe regarding her job at The Daily Planet to get Chloe to find Clark's whereabouts. Chloe visits Clark in Metropolis. She has known the location of his apartment for months. She tells him that Lana is a wreck and his parents are losing the farm. In anger, he throws her out.

What's up with Lex Luthor, the soon-doomed-to-be-evil best friend? Lex awakens feverish on a deserted island. He imagines another castaway, Louis, on the island. Imaginary Louis suggests that either Lionel or Helen set him up to die in the plane crash. Louis attacks Lex. Fighting back, Lex imagines he kills Louis. A man from a passing boat sees Lex's bonfire and rescues him.

What's up with Lionel Luthor, Lex’s dad? Lionel eulogizes Lex at his funeral. Lana sees Clark there, but he disaappears as she approaches. Helen makes her entrance with flowers to pay her respects to her husband Lex. Lionel is outraged by her appearance, threatens her, then quickly leaves. Later at the mansion, Lionel confronts Helen, accusing her of murdering Lex. She asks him to leave her home.

What's up with Martha Kent? Clark comes back to the farm, to his loft in the barn. He overhears Martha and Jonathan as they despair about losing the farm and reminisce about happier days with Clark. Martha hears Clark in the loft and calls after him. He disappears.

What's up with Lana Lang, the girlfriend? Lana tells Chloe she loves Clark and aims to find him in Metropolis. Chloe tells Lana where to find him. Clark refuses Lana, he will not return to Smallville. Lana stays with him. She calls the Kents on her cell phone. On the phone, Clark tells Jonathan in a rage that the Kents are not his parents.

How it ends: Jonathan is determined to find Clark or lose him forever. Jonathan takes the hidden octagon key to the cave. The key elevates into place in the wall. Jor-el ( Clark ‘real’ father from Krypton ) speaks to Jonathan about Kal-el's (… for those ‘yang tak tahu’, that’s Kryptonian for Clark Kent ) destiny. Jonathan tells Jor-el that Clark needs more time. Jonathan says he'll sacrifice everything to bring him back. Rays of energy surround Jonathan.
In Metropolis, Jonathan finds Clark in Lionel's office in LuthorCorp. Edge, the crime boss, hired Clark to break into the safe. Jonathan asks Clark to come home. Clark throws Jonathan into the wall. Jonathan sternly insists "You're coming home with me now." He jumps on Clark and they both break through the window of the LuthorCorp building...

to be continued...

Next week ( … another week that will make my senses go haywire!!!) ---
Clark Kent vs Jonathan Jonathan Kent

drama-drama-drama.( It feels so good when the wait is finally over. )

That’s about it, I guess. Don’t forget to be good to each other.

Oh. And yes : merdeka.

( … still hibernating for ‘ Cerita Cinta Agung Gusti Putri and Hang Tuah ’ )

p/s : hearing those melody by ‘Remy Zero’ yesterday, and I was flying :

'i feel my wings have broken in your hands

i feel the words unspoken inside

when they pull you under

and i would give you any thing you want

you were all i wanted

all my dreams are fallin' down

crawlin' round … and round and round

somebody save mel

et your warm hands break right through

somebody save me

i don't care how you do it

just stay, staycome on

i've been waiting for you

i see the world has folded in your heart

i feel the waves crash down inside

and they pull me under

and i would give you anything you want

you were all i wanted

all my dreams have fallen down

crawlin round … and round and round

all my dreams are on the ground

crawlin' round …and round and round

somebody save me

let your warm hands break right through

somebody save me

i dont' care how you do it

just stay here with me

i've made this whole world shine for you

just stay, stay

come on ...

i'm still waiting for you'

- remy zero,’save me’