Khamis, Ogos 19, 2004

my choice of no words... ( a poem )

I once had a heart
and it was true but
now it's gone from me to you
so take care of it
as I have done because
now you have two and I have none

Words of hate we're said
And now we have to go
Part our separate ways
Because the love of yesterday
Will never be the same
Time and time again
I promise not to care
I lie, say I'll move on
That I wish you better luck
But I lie to you and myself

I want to run away...
I want to run away from myself
from you, from both of us
I want to run away,
from all the time that we have been together,
from all the memories that we share together…
Seeing you 'killing' me inside
so, I need to run away,
but I wish this will not be over.

I hate hearing your voice at the end
I cry already
I want to call back and tell you,
but I think you’re not ready
Even though you ask why
I cry these tears of pain not knowing why
The thing is I’m afraid
I cry for you that is why I cry
I don’t think one day has gone by
that you haven’t crossed my mind
every time I remember I cry.
I can’t even go to bed, cause when I close my eyes
all I see is you in my head
Why it hurts so bad to love
I don’t know
Its even so hard letting go.

i'm sorry.


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