Just cooling off a bit after all the hype and the rush running to 31st august..( and better booked that ticket of yours now, fanboy!)

Yesterday was quite a day; actually. After a long pause from visiting my ‘cousin’s’ in Klang (theres no apparent reason from not doing so), it’s a shocked to find out that they have already moved in to a new house. A kenduri has took its place there ; where I spent many exciting childhood memories; and some excoriating exile when I ran into unpleasant problems. Lots of long lost relatives and even had a few good chat with them. And --- WOW! Last night was really some night and its not even Hari Raya yet. Even forget and ‘lost’ some of their names too. All in all, it was really a fantastic outing. I’ll be back real soon, folks.

Earlier in the afternoon, attended a wedding, I don’t recognized the couple but the brother is a friend of mine back in secondary school at SMSU. And there, discovered even more familiar faces --- both known and unknown. A few chats and photo sessions and I’m gone. Weddings : can’t be there too long or else I will be caught dumb-founded.

( dammit!!! Its really hot today )

Now, now. I never thought that today was gonna be so boring ( … with the exception of the Smallville season premiere tonite, of course : 9.30pm – must not forget! ). It’s the last day of a week long school break and eventho’ I’ve got nothing to do with this picture but I enjoyed being ‘away’ with my sis’ and bros’. Recapturing how it felt being a ‘school kid’ again --- like I said before, ‘ those were the days ’.

( I wonder why people overused the word ‘boring’ and ‘bored’ in their weblogs )

well, until later … have a good day and be nice.

p/s : ... and talking of 'smallville'; here's a breaking news --- 'www.SuperheroHype.com got it's hands on a callsheet of the shoot of BATMAN BEGINS in Chicago. To make a long story short, the page specifies that an actor credited as 'T.Welling' will be playing someone named 'Kent'. The question on every geeks mind is whether or not this means Smallville's Tom Welling will be making a cameo as Clark Kent in the highly anticipated film. And could it mean that the future of Chris Nolan's BATMAN franchise could include The Dark Night meeting up with SUPERMAN? '

This could be the best idea since ... I dont know, is there any best idea of a comic book movie before this?.