Rabu, Ogos 18, 2004

I do wish I wouldn't talk to strangers. I've worked so hard to desocialize him.

Tomorrow is all talking to people about a maybe TV series that have been hovering in my mind for quite some time... hmmm???

There are several hundred excellent questions, comments and so on from people waiting to be answered, and I'll try and get to a few in the next post.In the meantime ;

a) the rule about 'never eat anything heavy before bedtime' : because it will taste like *&%$ once you got up late the day after.you will feel like there's an alien living inside your stomach --- GAAHHHH!!! AND I CAN STILL FEEL IT NOW!!!!!

b) I bought nothing new since the 'bulan membeli-belah' earlier this month. Financial difficulties and monetary problems you say??? well ... maybe you're right. (I desperately need a new job)

c) Some 'helpful' person sent me the link to a fine site of a 'friend' during my old days at college; here : http://www.geocities.com/farafauzana/ .Thank you for the tip.

" We are the servants of the living--we are not their masters. WE exist because they know, deep down in their hearts, that we exist. When everything has left this universe, then the task will be done. And we do not manipulate them.

If life are made of sand --- born just to be blown away, sand as a mean between dream and reality.If dreaming is the expression of one's own feelings, hidden desires, fears,and the sand is the way to the dream;

then my music is my dream... and I am the Sand."

have a nice day, you all.


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