But this Dream did not truly die, for how can you kill a point of view? I am only one reflection, and I stepped aside for another interpretation, the new Dream. You may still see this Dream, for there are areas of the 'Dreaming' where time is fluid, and if you ever find yourself in these soft places, you may yet see poor me again ...

Beyond, outside my 'Dreamworld' there is infinite dust, infinite dark. And the Dreamworld is infinite although it is bounded on every side. The other admits or denied the truth. No one guards my wisdom anymore. I remember the way of old. Once through it I can see my 'castle'. Through it I will be able to see - my home.

Home. It feels so good to be back... I left a monarch. Yet I return naked, alone... Hungry. Weakened, I clutch a passing dream.

... time to 'visit' sleep again.