Isnin, Ogos 30, 2004

( the sandman is in a state of hibernation clocking down to the most pulse-pounding 24 hours of his life … might consider breaking down as well )

here’s what lies in my head before tomorrow.

everything was a bit … a little bit more than normal yesterday ; met a few friends at our official hang-out place or ‘mapley’ ,if you please. Than made an appointment with a friend for a blog-storming session today ( … he’s off to UK later next month for the occasional study-abroad-routine, so he asked for a blog tip 101 to keep him updated there ). Got back home around 9.15pm --- a mere 15 minutes left before a 9 months lapse of the most anticipated and addictive season serial since ‘the x-files’ and ‘macgyver’ ( … there are more but these are the most contagious for me ).

--- and I welcome,

here’s how I described the show yesterday ; What's up with Clark Kent ( or ‘Ada Apa Dengan Clark Kent’ to make it more interesting )? Clark has been living in Metropolis for three months since he left Smallville. "Bad" Clark is known as "Cal"in Metropolis. He is under the influence of the red krypotonite in his Smallville High class ring, trying to escape the pain he has caused his family by the accident during the explosion of his spaceship in the cellar. The affects of the red kryptonite causes him pain from the burn scar on his chest. The pain is only relieved when he removes the ring. With the ring removed, Clark calls home from a phone booth, but won't speak when he hears Martha's voice. "Cal" is leading a life of crime, robbing banks and ATMs to fund his extravagant life. He even escapes a full S.W.A.T. team. Morgan Edge, the biggest crime boss in Metropolis ( before Lex Luthor entered the rouge gallery of Superman comics continuum; of course, ) makes Clark an offer of big money to join him.

What's up with Jonathan Kent? Pete realizes that the masked gunman's crimes detailed in The Daily Planet are the capers of Clark. He tells the Kents. Jonathan is determined to go find Clark, but Martha stops him.

What's up with Chloe, the rejected love interest? Chloe tries to convince Lana that Clark is gone and she should move on with her life. Lionel Luthor requests Chloe meet him at the cave. She thinks its odd, as Lex's funeral is approaching. Lionel shoots veiled threats at Chloe regarding her job at The Daily Planet to get Chloe to find Clark's whereabouts. Chloe visits Clark in Metropolis. She has known the location of his apartment for months. She tells him that Lana is a wreck and his parents are losing the farm. In anger, he throws her out.

What's up with Lex Luthor, the soon-doomed-to-be-evil best friend? Lex awakens feverish on a deserted island. He imagines another castaway, Louis, on the island. Imaginary Louis suggests that either Lionel or Helen set him up to die in the plane crash. Louis attacks Lex. Fighting back, Lex imagines he kills Louis. A man from a passing boat sees Lex's bonfire and rescues him.

What's up with Lionel Luthor, Lex’s dad? Lionel eulogizes Lex at his funeral. Lana sees Clark there, but he disaappears as she approaches. Helen makes her entrance with flowers to pay her respects to her husband Lex. Lionel is outraged by her appearance, threatens her, then quickly leaves. Later at the mansion, Lionel confronts Helen, accusing her of murdering Lex. She asks him to leave her home.

What's up with Martha Kent? Clark comes back to the farm, to his loft in the barn. He overhears Martha and Jonathan as they despair about losing the farm and reminisce about happier days with Clark. Martha hears Clark in the loft and calls after him. He disappears.

What's up with Lana Lang, the girlfriend? Lana tells Chloe she loves Clark and aims to find him in Metropolis. Chloe tells Lana where to find him. Clark refuses Lana, he will not return to Smallville. Lana stays with him. She calls the Kents on her cell phone. On the phone, Clark tells Jonathan in a rage that the Kents are not his parents.

How it ends: Jonathan is determined to find Clark or lose him forever. Jonathan takes the hidden octagon key to the cave. The key elevates into place in the wall. Jor-el ( Clark ‘real’ father from Krypton ) speaks to Jonathan about Kal-el's (… for those ‘yang tak tahu’, that’s Kryptonian for Clark Kent ) destiny. Jonathan tells Jor-el that Clark needs more time. Jonathan says he'll sacrifice everything to bring him back. Rays of energy surround Jonathan.
In Metropolis, Jonathan finds Clark in Lionel's office in LuthorCorp. Edge, the crime boss, hired Clark to break into the safe. Jonathan asks Clark to come home. Clark throws Jonathan into the wall. Jonathan sternly insists "You're coming home with me now." He jumps on Clark and they both break through the window of the LuthorCorp building...

to be continued...

Next week ( … another week that will make my senses go haywire!!!) ---
Clark Kent vs Jonathan Jonathan Kent

drama-drama-drama.( It feels so good when the wait is finally over. )

That’s about it, I guess. Don’t forget to be good to each other.

Oh. And yes : merdeka.

( … still hibernating for ‘ Cerita Cinta Agung Gusti Putri and Hang Tuah ’ )

p/s : hearing those melody by ‘Remy Zero’ yesterday, and I was flying :

'i feel my wings have broken in your hands

i feel the words unspoken inside

when they pull you under

and i would give you any thing you want

you were all i wanted

all my dreams are fallin' down

crawlin' round … and round and round

somebody save mel

et your warm hands break right through

somebody save me

i don't care how you do it

just stay, staycome on

i've been waiting for you

i see the world has folded in your heart

i feel the waves crash down inside

and they pull me under

and i would give you anything you want

you were all i wanted

all my dreams have fallen down

crawlin round … and round and round

all my dreams are on the ground

crawlin' round …and round and round

somebody save me

let your warm hands break right through

somebody save me

i dont' care how you do it

just stay here with me

i've made this whole world shine for you

just stay, stay

come on ...

i'm still waiting for you'

- remy zero,’save me’

Ahad, Ogos 29, 2004

Just cooling off a bit after all the hype and the rush running to 31st august..( and better booked that ticket of yours now, fanboy!)

Yesterday was quite a day; actually. After a long pause from visiting my ‘cousin’s’ in Klang (theres no apparent reason from not doing so), it’s a shocked to find out that they have already moved in to a new house. A kenduri has took its place there ; where I spent many exciting childhood memories; and some excoriating exile when I ran into unpleasant problems. Lots of long lost relatives and even had a few good chat with them. And --- WOW! Last night was really some night and its not even Hari Raya yet. Even forget and ‘lost’ some of their names too. All in all, it was really a fantastic outing. I’ll be back real soon, folks.

Earlier in the afternoon, attended a wedding, I don’t recognized the couple but the brother is a friend of mine back in secondary school at SMSU. And there, discovered even more familiar faces --- both known and unknown. A few chats and photo sessions and I’m gone. Weddings : can’t be there too long or else I will be caught dumb-founded.

( dammit!!! Its really hot today )

Now, now. I never thought that today was gonna be so boring ( … with the exception of the Smallville season premiere tonite, of course : 9.30pm – must not forget! ). It’s the last day of a week long school break and eventho’ I’ve got nothing to do with this picture but I enjoyed being ‘away’ with my sis’ and bros’. Recapturing how it felt being a ‘school kid’ again --- like I said before, ‘ those were the days ’.

( I wonder why people overused the word ‘boring’ and ‘bored’ in their weblogs )

well, until later … have a good day and be nice.

p/s : ... and talking of 'smallville'; here's a breaking news --- ' got it's hands on a callsheet of the shoot of BATMAN BEGINS in Chicago. To make a long story short, the page specifies that an actor credited as 'T.Welling' will be playing someone named 'Kent'. The question on every geeks mind is whether or not this means Smallville's Tom Welling will be making a cameo as Clark Kent in the highly anticipated film. And could it mean that the future of Chris Nolan's BATMAN franchise could include The Dark Night meeting up with SUPERMAN? '

This could be the best idea since ... I dont know, is there any best idea of a comic book movie before this?.

Rabu, Ogos 25, 2004

Trivia & fakta-fakta yang pernah, sudah, memang, mungkin, belum atau langsung tidak tahu tentang perihal :


  • Idea bagi pembikinan filem ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ : kisah bermula pada suatu hari sewaktu Tiara Jacquelina berehat-rehat di pavilion rumahnya diwaktu senja. Sewaktu memikirkan tentang nasib filem tanahair, tiba-tiba angin petang membawa dirinya kepada bayangan filem ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’. Dengan spontan, segalanya pun turut bermula.
  • Ketika perjumpaan ‘tidak rasmi’ yang pertama diadakan, Tiara Jacquelina telah menjemput kesemua Lembaga Pengarah Utama ( Saw Teong Hin, Mamat Khalid, Datuk Shazali Ramly ) bersama dengan teraju-teraju pelakon utama ( M.nasir dan isteri, Sofea Jane dan suami, Dato’ Rahim Razali,dll. ) dalam satu suasana majlis makan malam yang indah di rumah Tiara Jacquelina. Di situ, pertemuan dimulakan dengan babak penglipur lara oleh penulis skrip, Mamat Khalid.
  • Sofea Jane dilaporkan telah menitiskan air mata tatkala Mamat Khalid bercerita di majlis tersebut dan semuanya bersetuju dengan ilham ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ versi baru itu agar dijadikan sebuah realiti.
  • usia Dato’ Laksamana Hang Tuah menurut buku kitab ‘Sulalatus ‘as Salatin’ semasa era Sultan Mahmud Syah ingin memperisterikan Puteri Gunung Ledang adalah lingkungan 60-an. Tetapi digambarkan juga Hang Tuah masih kelihatan segak seperti usianya sekitar lewat 30-an; sesuai dengan pemilihan M.Nasir sebagai terajunya.
  • Bahasa penghantar yang digunakan dalam filem ini adalah bahasa sastera @ bahasa pentas. Tulisan sanskrit yang digunakan dalam ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ ditulis dan dialih bahasa oleh seorang sami yang pakar tentang perihal bahasa tersebut.
  • Tiada langsung teknik ‘dubbing’ dalam filem ini; semua dialong dan suara vokal dirakam terus dari set penggambaran. Inilah kali pertama sebuah filem dari Asia Tenggara menggunakan teknologi Digital Intermediate ( DI ).
  • Terdapat pelbagai elemen muzik dalam ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’. Ia terdiri daripada gabungan muzik Melayu asli, Jawa, orkestra dan sebagainya.
  • Untuk bergerak, melangkah, dan mempunyai keyakinan seorang puteri Jawa, Tiara Jacquelina telah belajar silat yang dipanggil silat Piwulang.
  • Guru silat dan stunt coordinator, Mokhtar Fatehul Ariffin Yeop yang diterbangkan khas dari London telah membimbing M.Nasir dan Alex komang dalam adegan serta babak yang memerlukan pertarungan dan pertembungan fizikal.
  • Pihak produser yang diungguli oleh EnFiniTi Pictures telah mendapatkan hakcipta eksklusif skrip Mamat Khalid pada tahun 1999. Dan sekiranya dihitung dari awal bermulanya pembikinan filem ini dari pra-produksi, produksi dan pos-produksi; ia memakan masa lebih dari 5 tahun.
  • ‘ …an epic drama framed by slices of history and ancient folklore. Historical facts and mythology are fused to tell this tale of forbidden love, set in a time when allegiance and honour to country overwhelmed personal needs and desires. The story depicts a very real, modern and familiar conflict between one’s duty and one’s self. The proverbial notion of destiny is alluded to and the message pronounces that one’s fate cannot be evaded. ’ --- ( komentar dan kritik para panel juri Festival Filem Venice tentang filem ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ yang dicalon dan bakal dipertandingkan dalam salah satu anugerah filem tertua didunia )
  • Pengarah filem tersebut, Saw Teong Hin juga dicalonkan untuk kategori ‘Pengarah Baru Terbaik’ di Festival Filem Venice ke-61 yang berlangsung pada 1 hingga 11 September, 2004.
  • Pelakon dari seberang Indonesia, Alex Komang adalah yang pertama dihubungi. Dia dirasakan orang yang paling sesuai untuk menjadi abang Gusti Putri Raden Adjeng retno Dumilah iaitu Gusti Raden Adipati Handaya Ningrat kerana beberapa faktor; terutama bentuk hidung yang sama antara mereka.
  • Penampilan ‘cameo’ Sidi Oraza dalam filem ini ialah sebagai mendukung watak Hang Jebat.
  • Penampilan ‘cameo’ Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo dalam filem ini ialah sebagai mendukung watak anak penjual kuih.
  • Orang yang bertanggungjawab membentuk diri Tiara Jacquelina menjadi ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ dengan cara-cara yang amat dalam dan terperinci seperti bermeditasi, bergerak, bergaya, menari, menyanyi irama Jawa Tembang dan sebagainya ialah Ibu Dinar yang telah pulang ke Rahmatullah sejurus selepas selesai ‘principle photography’. Tanpa dia, mungkin tidak akan wujud Puteri Keraton Jawa dalam diri Tiara Jacquelina.
  • Antara destinasi dan lokasi penggambaran yang terlibat dalam pembikinan ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ : Gunung Ledang, Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Segamat, Pulau Perhentian, Batu Pahat, Lata Kinjang, Sungai Kesang, Pulau Indah. 18 buah lokasi kesemuanya.
  • Pereka Produksi; Haznizar Ithnin telah mengambil masa lebih dua bulan untuk membuat kajian tentang Melaka kurun ke-15 dan turut bersama Saw Teong Hin dan Mamat Khalid menjelajah ke beberapa buah muzium sejarah di negara ini hinggalah ke Solo di Indonesia untuk memantapkan lagi set yang bakal dibina. Dia terpaksa membina sebuah Istana Melaka, Istana Majapahit dan pembikinan semula kota Melaka kurun ke-15 yang terdiri dari beberapa perkampungan kecil, sebuah pelabuhan, masjid, jambatan dan lain-lainnya. Lokasinya ialah sebuah kawasan tanah lapang yang berukuran 300m x 450m didalam sebuah ladang kelapa sawit di Batu Pahat, Johor.
  • Tiga bangsa dan budaya utama yang dapat dilihat jelas dalam filem ini ialah Melayu Melaka, Jawa Majapahit dan Demak.
  • Adegan perang antara Kerajaan Demak dan Empayar Majapahit memerlukan skala lebih 500 pelakon ekstra yang memegang watak panglima dan askar peperangan;babak ini juga memerlukan 100 ekor kuda dan penunggang yang terlatih, 50 orang kanak-kanak kecil, 30 ekor lembu, 50 ekor kambing, 50 ekor ayam dan lain-lain untuk sebuah gambaran kampung yang dilanda pencerobohan perang.
  • Penggambaran ‘principle’ telah memakan masa 94 hari dalam jangka masa 9 bulan bermula pada Januari ‘2003. ‘Visual Effect’ selama lebih 20 minit, jumlah babak yang merangkumi lebih 200 shot, telah digunakan dalam filem layar perak 155 minit ini.
  • Budget peringkat awal filem ini ialah sebanyak RM7 juta, namun di akhir penggambaran telah menelan hampir RM15juta. Dan yang mutakhir ( belum muktamd ); termasuk promosi dan lain-lainnya ialah hampir mencecah RM18juta.

Teraju-teraju Utama :

Tiara Jacquelina ... Gusti Putri Raden Ajeng Retno Dumilah

M. Nasir ... Laksamana Hang Tuah

Rahim Razali ... Bendahara

Adlin Aman Ramli ... Sultan Mahmud

Sidi Oraza ... Hang Jebat

Sofia Jane ... Tun Teja

Khir Rahman ... Tun Mamat

Sabri Yunus ... Sang Setia

Man Bai ... Topok

Radhi Khalid ... Tapik

Zulkifli Zain ... Pengumum

Mahadi Shor ... Shahbandar

Khairul Anwar ... Pangeran Demak

Ruminah Sidek ... Nenek Kebayan

Christine Hakim (Indonesia) ... Bayan

Slamet Rahardjo (Indonesia) ... Patih Kerma Wijaya

Alex Komang (Indonesia) ... Gusti Adipati Wira Namtani Handaya Ningrat

Dian Sastrowardoyo (Indonesia) ... Anak penjual ubat

Melissa Saila ... Pengasuh

Rosdeen Suboh ... Bentara

Ariffin Yeop ... Ketua lanun

Yalal Chin ... Penjual ubat

Ismail jantan ... Penyair

Mohd Apandi Mohd Ali ... Panglima Jawa

Muhd Naufal Nasrullah ... Raja Ahmad

( Watak Tun Mamat dan Sultan Mahmud masing-masing pada mulanya ditawarkan kepada Rosyam Nor dan Azri Iskandar. )

Di pawagam Hari Merdeka ini ; 31 Ogos 2004.

Sedia untuk suatu lembaran sejarah baru dalam dunia perfileman tanahair.

" Adinda bersumpah … jikalau kekanda tidak kembali, adinda akan menyusul kekanda. Menginjak pada tanah yang sama, bernafas pada udara yang sama.

- gusti putri raden adjeng retno dumilah





5.00 PM


Ahad, Ogos 22, 2004

Selepas menonton ‘The making of Puteri Gunung Ledang : part I ’ yang diturut serta bersama Fadhilah dan Faris(adinda ke-5 dan ke-6) hingga yang lainnnya menjemput diri menyusul; Fauzi (adinda ke-4) dan ayahanda sendiri, memang suatu lagi perasaan dan pengalaman yang sungguh menakjubkan. Terpaku lebih setengah jam di hadapan peti televisyen saluran NT7; memang tiada sia-sia yang berlaku. Bermula dengan proses ‘screenwriting’ hinggalah wawancara dengan hampir semua teraju utama filem epik itu. Tidak ketinggalan juga sedikit buah fikiran dan latar belakang paparan yang diluah penulis (Mamat Khalid), produser (Tiara Jacquelina), serta pengarah (Saw Teong Hin) dan yang lain-lainnya.

Memang diakui; saya tidak akan cukup dan sudah-sudah memperkatakan tentang ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’. Filem yang dilahirkan dari hati suci murni hikayat lagenda rakyat dan menjadi sebuah kisah klasik zaman-berzaman. Semua yang terlibat --- EnFiniTi Production, Ten On Ten Pictures, Synchrosound Music, NTV7 memang wajar diberi kredit. Filem layar perak yang sekian lama dinanti dan ditunggu. Cerita yang berlandaskan kisah sejarah Kesultanan Melayu Melaka yang dibarisi pelakon-pelakon terkemuka, krew-krew berpengalaman dan budget terbesar dalam sejarah pembikinan filem tempatan.

Kos yang melampaui jangkauan RM7 juta (perangkaan terkini : hampir-hampir mendekati RM20 juta) mengejutkan senario perfileman Malaysia manakala ‘target’ kutipan RM15 juta dikatakan agak ‘tidak munasabah’. Dato’ Shazali Ramly dan Tiara Jacquelina berpandangan jauh untuk menembusi pasaran luar negara. Memang banyak filem tempatan inign kan pengikhtirafan antarabangsa tapi tidak pernah mencuba meluaskan pasarannya. Keterperincian dan keaslian untuk sesuatu epik dan mempamerkan imej nasionalis. Segala usaha dan wang dicurahkan untuk mendapat hasil yang terunggul; tidak kira dari segi rekaan set, bilanagan pelakon, kesan khas, dan berbagai macam aspek penggambaran lagi.

Tidak menjadi masalah jika dilabel filem ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ adalah filem terhebat yang pernah dibikin dan dibuat di Malaysia. Bukan kerana ‘budget’ gergasinya namun segala-gala tentang filem ini : jalan cerita, teknik penggambaran, ‘setting’, barisan para pelakon dan tidak ketinggalan kontroversi-kontroversi yang hadir rentetan dari filem ini. Faktor pemilihan M.Nasir sebagai Hang Tuah juga dipersoalkan oleh sesetengah pihak. Tedengar desas-desus dan tanya rakan-rakan "Kenapa M.Nasir ? Kenapa tidak pilih pelakon itu, pelakon ini ? ", tapi M.nasir --- kenapa tidak ? Memang dia dan hanya dia yang layak membawa watak Hang Tuah ( antara debat yang timbul : (1.)Bukankah dia itu warga Singapura ? Saya jawab : tapi dia tetap Melayu kan. (2.)Kenapa tidak dipilih Eman Manan, dia ada pengalaman dan ilmu silat bahkan reputasi lakonannnya lebih terbukti ? Saya jawab : tapi inikan cereka warisan klasik dan M.Nasir lebih ‘seni’ dari yang lain, malah nilai komersialnya lagi tinggi. Tambahan lagi, keterampilan Hang Tuah itu memang sedia wujud dalam dia ).

Kita akan menyaksikan kembalinya Hang Tuah di layar perak ditangan M.Nasir.

" Kita hari ini tidak pernah mengetahui bagaimana Hang Tuah itu. Cuma cerita lisan yang diperturunkan dari generasi ke generasi. Tidak ada bahan bertulis yang khusus dari zaman Hang Tuah tentang dia; kalau adapun samar-samar. Yang ada cuma cerita-cerita Sultan. Sultan lebih diabadikan dalam sejarah. Jadi kita tidak tahu sebetulnya Hang Tuah itu bagaimana "


Seperti yang diterangkan oleh M.Nasir, tiada siapa tahu secara mendalam siapa itu Hang Tuah. Dalam filem ini, Hang Tuah hanya gambaran dari kajian-kajian yang dibuat. Filem ini bukannya catatan dan catitan sejarah, dan bagi saya secara peribadi bukan juga filem cinta. Akan tetapi ia adalah sebuah filem seni yang telah di dongengkan atau lebih kepada cerita rakyat. Walau sedenikian,saranan saya ialah agar semua dapat menyaksikan dan menonton filem ini kerana ada banyak keistimewaan yan serba tersendiri. Bak kata M.nasir lagi, " … kalau kita datang ke panggung hanya untuk melihat kelemahan filem ini, maka kelemahanlah yang kita temui."

Bersambung pada paparan berikutnya …

"Apakan daya …

Tangan terikat dilangit,

Kaki terpasak dibumi.

Jasad tidak setanding mimpi "

-Dato Laksamana Hang Tuah tentang takdir cintannya dengan Gusti Putri Raden Adjeng Retno Dumilah

8 hari menanti ke-filem ‘mesti tonton’ untuk semua rakyat Malaysia :

Sabtu, Ogos 21, 2004

Perihal Dato' Laksamana Hang Tuah :
suatu perdebatan hebat bersama rakan.

Saya tertarik dengan suara pendapat seorang rakan yang menjelaskan hipotesis kemungkinan Hang Tuah bukan berbangsa Melayu. Tahniah atas suatu analisis yang menarik. Bagaimanapun, saya ingin menarik perhatian kepada beberapa keterangan yang bukan untuk menyanggah tetapi untuk menambah perspektif perbincangan ini agar lebih luas.

Pertama, kalau dilihat pada Sulalatus Salatin edisi A Samad Ahmad, Hang Tuah dikatakan berasal dari Tanah Bugis, iaitu Makasar, dan nama asalnya Daeng Mempawah. Daeng Mempawah yang masih muda diangkat menjadi anak angkat Bendahara (Paduka Raja) dan dibawa ke Melaka. Sesiapa yang menyimpan edisi ini boleh memeriksa sendiri. Walaupun ada sarjana Barat yang menolak episod ini, kerana kononnya ia ditokok tambah kepada tulisan asal Tun Seri Lanang (atau Tun Bambang, bergantung pada mazhab sejarah anda!) pada zaman kemunculan kuasa Bugis di Johor-Riau. Kalau tidak silap, Shellabear turut menolak episod Hang Tuah.

Bagaimanapun dari perspektif lain, orang Bugis telah lama menjelajah ke seluruh Nusantara malah hingga ke Madagascar (dan menjadi Melayu di sana) dan telah banyak melahirkan pahlawan hebat serta beberapa dinasti pemerintah di Riau, Johor, Aceh dan Selangor. Jadi, asal orang Bugis yang lebih hampir dan mungkin lebih besar kemungkinannya. Dari perspektif keMelayuan pula, masyarakat Melayu Melaka sudah menerima konsep kahwin campur, termasuk dalam keluarga diraja, dimana beberapa Sultan terakhir kebanyakkan mempunyai darah India Muslim di sebelah ibu. Beberapa pembesar istana dalam sejarah Melayu juga bergelar Khoja, gelaran yang asalnya untuk orang-orang Islam yang berasal dari benua kecil India, jadi tiada masalah menimbulkan jati Melayu atau tidak keturunan seseorang tokoh itu kerana konsep Melayu dan meMelayukan begitu luas di zaman itu. Melaka pada zaman dahulu tiada kad pengenalan pintar.

Satu perkara yang ingin saya bangkitkan adalah kita sering membaca dan mencedok bahagian-bahagian kecil dari karya sejarah seperti Hikayat Hang Tuah dan Sulalatus Salatin, tanpa melihatnya secara menyeluruh. Generasi ini, yang belia barangkali yang paling kurang mentelaah karya ini, walaupun terdapat bahagian menarik yang boleh kita renungi. Selain aspek pengajaran moral dan 'poetic justice' yang sering dibincangkan sarjana, banyak aspek budaya dan teknologi yang kadang-kadang terselit dalam Sulalatus Salatin contohnya yang jarang diteliti.

Contohnya, dalam suatu episod, seorang panglima Melaka berjaya melarikan seekor gajah milik Sultan Pahang melalui jalan laut. Pekara yang menarik kita fikirkan adakah saiz jong tersebut sehingga boleh memuatkan seekor gajah matang, serata melayarkannya dari Muara Pahang ke Melaka. Begitu juga aspek peperanagn orang Melaka yang banyak melibatkan 'naval warfare', perahu melanggar perahu, sedikit perang darat kerana masyarakat dahulu lebih rapat dengan air dan lautan. Dan banyak lagi aspek lain yang boleh ditinjau.

Dalam buku 'A Malaysian Journey', Rehman Rashid menulis orang Melayu Malaysia ketandusan hero yang hebat-hebat seperti orang Indonesia yang boleh berbangga dengan Imam Bonjol, Diponegoro dan Tjoet Nyak Dhien. Jika Hang Tuah dipadam dari senarai hero dan wira Melayu, adakah kita sudah tandus semangat kepahlawanan? Jauh sekali, kerana orang Melayu masih ramai pahlawan yang tak bernama, jarang diperkatakan dan jarang ditulis kisahnya. Ambil saja kisah Raja Mahadi, Sutan Puasa dan Raja Asal. Perang mereka menenetang Inggeris di Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor kadang-kadang tinggal satu perenggan saja dalam teks sejarah!Bayangkan perang berpuluh-puluh tahun, dengan beratus-ratus orang mati, dan Kuala Lumpur terbakar hangus, tapi tiada tetulis pun... dan kita pun terus balik pada Tuah. Mungkin Hang Tuah popular kerana Hang Tuah dalam kotak fikiran kita adalah 'Hang Tuah P.Ramlee' yang romantis dengan kisah cintanya dengan dua wanita yang Hang Tuah yang dimakan rasa bersalah macam 'Hamlet versi Melayu' adanya.

Harapan agar kisah cinta agung 'Puteri Gunung Ledang' nanti ada memberi sedikit nafas baru dalam keterbukaan minda dan pendapat.

... sedikit itu lebih baik dari tiada langsung.

p/s: terkenang kembali ketika disekolah --- menuntut jurus pelajaran sastera seolah faham isi kandungnya, sedangkan bahasa teks yang digunakan amat sukar dijelas... yang paling sukar 'Prosa Warisan Klasik'. Digagahi jua kerana ingin lulus Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.

Jumaat, Ogos 20, 2004

' Home. It feels so good to be back... I left a monarch. Yet I return naked, alone... Hungry. Weakened, I clutch a passing dream... '
Sleep of the Just

Woke up early this morning as I’m at my old-house or as my friends put it; my ‘kampung’. Must be up early or else will get an earful from my parents (…my dad to be exact). Stomach was sooo empty like I haven’t eaten for days. Always been hungry during early mornings and so I took my mum taxi ( ‘Thekancil’ ) and went to ss15 to have some bite. Had nasi lemak, chopped roti canai with curry ‘cos I despise dhal and teh o’ ais. It was RM2.40 and almost 7 in a.m.
Got back home and see whats on the idiot box.aahhh!!! the news --- ‘gangsters in klang blew up houses using Molotov cocktail, another anti-piracy bust at sri petaling, barisan nasional campaign in kuala berang…. Blablablabla.’ Same-old-same-old.
Went upstairs to ‘unleash’ the ‘alien’ inside – was brief. Laid myself in my ‘former room’ and began reading ‘some’ stuff. It’s a habit, must watch tv or read something after and before bed. It was a fascinating material; a friend suggested me to have a look at it but I had more than ‘a look’.
Suddenly, felt the urge to write.
My life of late was so substantial. As a matter of fact; depressingly substantial. There are things that I wanted to do and execute but they aren’t enough support or motivation to do so. Material wise, there are also things that I wanted to buy and own but they aren’t enough ringgit Malaysia left in my wallet. I do miss my regular routine of comic books and movie marathons. And all I can afford is just 4-page-previews of new comics on the net (courtesy of and reruns of my dusty pirated vcd collections.
Maybe this are just testing times for me.
Had a very,very,very long, meaningful, justified, full-of-sentiments, emotional talk with my ‘other-half’ last night (she said ‘sorry’). It is extremely mortifying to say this out-loud to an ‘audience’ but I cant help being so na├»ve when it comes to intimate relationship (she said ‘sorry’). The conversation made me somewhat; delusional and in the end I became … dumbfounded (and this ain’t the first but the many of manys). Put down my cell phone and start to ponder and wonder as usual (she said ‘sorry’).
This is not what I wanted in life right now --- another enigmas of conflicts and self-made problems.*sigh*

' For the hundredth time since I regained it, I reach into the pouch and I touch the sand. I sift it through my fingers. Feel each grain of it, inexhaustible. Endless. Like myself, like the few others of my kind. Endless. Tonight I feel alone. I have always been solitary, but here on the nightward shores of dream, loneliness washes over me in waves, lapping and pulling at my spirit. I sprinkle sand into the waters of night. The grains burn as they fall, reminding me of another in times long passed away. I watched him even then as he fell, his face undefeated, his eyes still proud. It is time for me to walk the abyss. Time to reclaim my own. I must talk to the Morningstar.
I do not have high hopes for the meeting. '
A Hope in Hell

Also met a friend yesterday ( …is it safe to say; a long lost friend? ). Working as a deejay in a local radio station is almost a dream job for her but she says there is more to it than the dream she used to have (dream … just realized that’s an overused but a favorite word of mine). She’s stressed out by other matters too --- a friend who used to understand and comfort her had become ‘un-friendly’, well-drafted plan in life gone awry (she have a court case next month) and other disapproving errands. Cant do anything but listen and being sympathetic.

Note : Life is so imperfect after all.

Returned home late in the evening yesterday and felt restless. Not the ‘usual-usual restless but the ‘usual-unusual’ one. What to do? What to do? Have a quick meal and went straight to my ‘fortress of solitude’ for exile.

‘ In solitude I look at life
From different angles
Thoughts strangled
My mind is suffocating
In this truth quest ‘

‘And as far as friends are concerned
Many I've had it all
From those who cried for my pain
To those who plotted my fall
I learned to differentiate
Fakes from the great
Mates from the snakes ‘

‘ This who I am
Look at the past at times
I wish that I was born again
So I can rectify mistakes
And my wrong doings
Attempts on minimizing my sins
Before my story ends ‘

Johan Ishak / Malik Cairel; ‘Alhamdulillah’

Checked my mails, had a quick view of ‘friendsters’, comic and movie updates,etc…etc. Then, another long lost friend emerges and again felt surprised that I still remember her from the good-old days back in college (masscomm matriculation; to be precise ). She’s in Texas. That’s right : the big U.S of A; working and starting life a anew with her family. Had a short dialogue and stating how she misses her time and space back here in KL.

Note II : ‘hujan emas dinegari oaring, hujan batu dinegeri sendiri’

Now, here I am again sitting in front of my cranky PC ; trying to be better and striving to be right. However; I can sense somehow you already heard this from me before. Dilemma.

' Never trust a demon. He has a hundred motives for anything he does... Ninety-nine of them, at least, are malevolent. '
A Hope in Hell

Wish you all the good things in life.

And some of them spoke, that day; and some of them were silent. But we do not need to recount every sermon and eulogy. After all, you were there. You may have forgotten, in your waking hours, what you heard that day -- But you will remember it, in the soft, lost slumbering moments between waking and true sleep:.. remembering the whispering voices of the gods of earth and heaven... the piping laughter of innocent chaos... the frightened rustling of cold order...
The voices of the living. The voices of the dead.
They will haunt your sleep until you die.
Chapter Three: In Which We Wake
PART I , 9.00PM ; 21st AUGUST 2004, SATURADY. NTV 7





Khamis, Ogos 19, 2004

my choice of no words... ( a poem )

I once had a heart
and it was true but
now it's gone from me to you
so take care of it
as I have done because
now you have two and I have none

Words of hate we're said
And now we have to go
Part our separate ways
Because the love of yesterday
Will never be the same
Time and time again
I promise not to care
I lie, say I'll move on
That I wish you better luck
But I lie to you and myself

I want to run away...
I want to run away from myself
from you, from both of us
I want to run away,
from all the time that we have been together,
from all the memories that we share together…
Seeing you 'killing' me inside
so, I need to run away,
but I wish this will not be over.

I hate hearing your voice at the end
I cry already
I want to call back and tell you,
but I think you’re not ready
Even though you ask why
I cry these tears of pain not knowing why
The thing is I’m afraid
I cry for you that is why I cry
I don’t think one day has gone by
that you haven’t crossed my mind
every time I remember I cry.
I can’t even go to bed, cause when I close my eyes
all I see is you in my head
Why it hurts so bad to love
I don’t know
Its even so hard letting go.

i'm sorry.

Rabu, Ogos 18, 2004

I do wish I wouldn't talk to strangers. I've worked so hard to desocialize him.

Tomorrow is all talking to people about a maybe TV series that have been hovering in my mind for quite some time... hmmm???

There are several hundred excellent questions, comments and so on from people waiting to be answered, and I'll try and get to a few in the next post.In the meantime ;

a) the rule about 'never eat anything heavy before bedtime' : because it will taste like *&%$ once you got up late the day will feel like there's an alien living inside your stomach --- GAAHHHH!!! AND I CAN STILL FEEL IT NOW!!!!!

b) I bought nothing new since the 'bulan membeli-belah' earlier this month. Financial difficulties and monetary problems you say??? well ... maybe you're right. (I desperately need a new job)

c) Some 'helpful' person sent me the link to a fine site of a 'friend' during my old days at college; here : .Thank you for the tip.

" We are the servants of the living--we are not their masters. WE exist because they know, deep down in their hearts, that we exist. When everything has left this universe, then the task will be done. And we do not manipulate them.

If life are made of sand --- born just to be blown away, sand as a mean between dream and reality.If dreaming is the expression of one's own feelings, hidden desires, fears,and the sand is the way to the dream;

then my music is my dream... and I am the Sand."

have a nice day, you all.

Ahad, Ogos 15, 2004

But this Dream did not truly die, for how can you kill a point of view? I am only one reflection, and I stepped aside for another interpretation, the new Dream. You may still see this Dream, for there are areas of the 'Dreaming' where time is fluid, and if you ever find yourself in these soft places, you may yet see poor me again ...

Beyond, outside my 'Dreamworld' there is infinite dust, infinite dark. And the Dreamworld is infinite although it is bounded on every side. The other admits or denied the truth. No one guards my wisdom anymore. I remember the way of old. Once through it I can see my 'castle'. Through it I will be able to see - my home.

Home. It feels so good to be back... I left a monarch. Yet I return naked, alone... Hungry. Weakened, I clutch a passing dream.

... time to 'visit' sleep again.

Khamis, Ogos 12, 2004

Saya sekarang sudah pasti dan amat yakin bila sebenarnya PUTERI GUNUNG LEDANG akan ditayangkan nanti. Juga, apakah bentuk promosi yg akan dibuat nanti. Promosinya sedang dilakukan oleh ntv7 . Bagaimanakah bentuk pemasaran filem ini nanti? Terus ke pawagam dan menyertai festival filem. Saya pasti pihak penerbit sedang menyusun perancangan rapi. Semuanya sedang dibongkar dikit-demi-dikit. Cuma ada beberapa perkara yg boleh kita harap daripada PGL ini:

ALBUM SOUNDTRACK - ini sesuatu yg sudah pasti.Saya memang berharap banyak album soundtrack filem dikeluarkan. Tapi, penerbit sekarang sudah melupakan 'peranan' album soundtrack (mungkin juga kerana situasi muzik tempatan yg suram, atau juga kerana sememangnya filem mereka tak perlu soundtrack dalam erti kata sebenarnya, sebaliknya menggunakan populariti lagu popular?). Album soundtrack PGL melibatkan pelakon utamanya M. Nasir dan Tiara. Saya harap album ini lebih 'penangannya'.

LAMAN WEB RASMI - ini juga pasti. Jadi, ayuh kita ke sana. Semoga banyak maklumat (dari sebesar-besarnya hingga sekecilnya) dapat kita ketahui dari laman ini. Kalau ada bahagian yg melibatkan penonton, itu sudah bagus.

THE MAKING OF - sebuah rancangan di sebalik tabir pembikinan filem.Tentunya persembahan wajib sebelum dan sesudah menonton nanti. Rancangan ini akan diterbitkan oleh ntv7, tentunya. Semoga rancangan ini tidak sekadar mengajak penonton ke pawagam dengan penampilan yang indah-indah, tapi sebaiknya perlu menonjolkan pemikiran pembikin filem ini: kenapa PGL perlu menjadi sebuah filem yang sebesar ini. Wajib ada interviu dengan penulis cerita/lakonlayar. Tolong hebohkan bila rancangan ni akan disiarkan nanti.

VCD/DVD - vcd sudah pasti diedarkan lepas tayangan nanti.Bagus ini kalau ada DVD yang mantap. Bayangkan: Komen pengarah/penulis sepanjang filem, adegan yg tidak dapat dimasukkan (dan kenapa), lagu soundtrack, interviu, multi subtitle, pilihan sistem bunyi, dan bahan-bahan menarik yg lain. Mungkin ini sekadar impian, tapi kalau vcd nya berkualiti tinggi pun dah cukup puas hati. Lagipun, untuk menghasilkan DVD pastinya memerlukan bajet yg tak kurang banyaknya. Atau, adakah memang sudah disediakan bajetnya?Sekali lagi... tunggu.

Selain itu, saya harap sebuah majalah khas dikeluarkan sebagai satu bentuk promosi. Muka tengah majalah sudah pasti kena ada poster filem, tak dilupakan gambar-gambar disebalik tabir, cerita-cerita menarik dan lepas tu mungkin boleh keluarkan Cenderamata khas atau barang-barang koleksi untuk peminat (t-shirt , mug .), boleh order dari dalam majalah atau website. Akhir sekali boleh lah buat promosi ke seluruh pawagam, walaupun biasanya filem popular akan guna cara ini.

Filem ini satu sejarah --- jadi ilham yang sebegini perlu disambut.

dengan ini, ditinggalkan semua buat sementara dengan bait-bait lagu ini ...


Cinta adalah suci

Lahir dari jiwa

Menikam sanubari

Hati dalam lara

Cinta mistik abadi

Kekal selamanya

Musim berganti tapi

Wajah tak kan lupa

Mimpi berlari

Kemuncak destinasi murni



Kemuncak cinta



Cinta suci tak kenal

Harta atau rupa

Mereka jatuh dari;

Raja hingga hamba

Biar api membara

Jadi penghalangnya

Ia tetap kagumi

Keagungan cinta

Bersama berdua

Kemuncak syurga di dunia

- KRU music group / EnFiniTi Pictures.

p/s : siapa yang berpendapat lain-lainya; ayuh kita lanjutkan perkongsian bersama. nantikan juga single ke-2 filem ini 'bagaikan sakti' - duet M.Nasir dan Siti Nurhaliza.

Rabu, Ogos 11, 2004

It is hard to say anything at this time about Dream... but this is how i describe 'him' lately.

The previous Dream was a cold follower of rules, a collector of names, a breaker of his own heart. He was also a prince of stories, a friend to few, and an enemy to some. This is neither the place nor the time though, to tell his story. The current Dream seems more compassionate than his predecessor, more caring, more concerned. But it is too early to tell anything about his reign over what is not, except perhaps this --- there is still hope in 'him'.

On reflection, while I cannot give 'the thing' itself, I could give a dream of love. You don't have to stay anywhere forever ...

I welcome you to the heart of the Dreaming. I extend my hospitality to you all.

Selasa, Ogos 10, 2004

i had this talk with my conscience last night, and here what he says of me.

' Why do they blame me for all their little failings? They use my name as if I spent my entire days sitting on their shoulders, forcing them to commits acts they would otherwise find repulsive. "The devil made me do it." I have never made one of them do anything. Never. They live their own lives. I do not live their lives for them. I don't make them come here. I need no souls. And how can anyone own a soul? No. They belong to themselves... They just hate to have to face up to it. '

then i ask him of 'other' matters.

' I could never be an angel... Innocence, once lost, can never be regained. Honesty is a somewhat overrated virtue. Man cannot discover new oceans until he has courage to lose sight of the shore. The truth hurts... it never goes away, the one true pain. the hurt broken soul, the agony, the ecstasy of the one true pain. '

it's me drowning in mediocrity. the-world-around lulls itself to sleep, but i'm never not awake to its lies &treachary. never to be ruled by its thoughts or actions.

Isnin, Ogos 09, 2004

the art of words.

So, you have words. Tons of words. And you know how to put them together to formulate clear sentences to describe your stories to the rest of the team. Now, you just need to come up with ideas for stories to describe.

... imagine.

Warriors prepare for combat. They train and add move after move to their repertoire of fighting maneuvers. But the battle isn't just a regurgitation of memorized series of moves...there's no real way to predict how a battle will go. You can plan for a battle by studying an enemy and learning how they respond to specific situations, but when the battle begins, there's no guarantee they'll react exactly the way you expect them to. To gain the upper hand in battle, you'll need to rely on instincts and your imagination to quickly come up with creative combinations and adaptations of the moves you've already learned. In battle, imagination can sometimes be the deadliest of weapons available to the warrior.

Your imagination plays a key role in gaining the upper hand in the realm of writing. You can learn techniques and formulas for writing, and you can research your subject matter until your ears bleed knowledge. But when it comes time to actually create create your story, you need to let your imagination soar to get the most out of it.

So, let's look at some tactics for dealing with the powerful writing weapon of imagination.

Curiosity. Where does your imagination draw its power from? When you "create" new characters, new ideas, or new worlds, where does the material come from? Your brain... your mind... your collection of observations and memories. You can't really create something from nothing. You have to have some base materials to construct your vision of things.Curiosity is the key to amassing lots of raw material for your imagination to work with. When you meet someone with a job you don't know much about, ask questions. When you overhear something interesting, look it up and find out more about the subject. When you go someplace new, explore the area and see what's there. Interview people, keep up with the latest news and discoveries, take "research" vacations, volunteer to help out with different community activities, take classes/extension courses, etc. Rekindle that child-like curiosity where you questioned everything, pulled everything apart to see what made it tick ( just leave the refrigerator me on this one), and explored any place you could get to.

Be curious and the raw material needed to fuel your imagination will come to you.

Experimentation. Mad scientist time! Knowledge is good...knowledge is fun. But what if you took different bits of that knowledge and blended them together into crazy concoctions? What mixed together two old 80s cartoons to see what would happen? What took a popular kiddie show and replace the host with a transforming robot battleship that has some repressed childhood trauma? What rekindled some obscure mystical legend, bring it into the present with ties to a modern crime organization, punch it up with some supernatural legends spawned by a literature tie-in, and sprinkle it with some psychological disorders? You can mix it up as much and as wild as you want.Take a few minutes a day to experiment freely with different ideas...the crazier the better. Let your mind revel in the joy that anything's possible. Pull all those stray bits together to create something different, something exciting, something weird, or just something fun. You're a play mad scientist and go create!

Stormbraining. Yes, I purposely misspelled that word. Too many people go into "brainstorming" sessions with the emphasis on the brainy part and not the stormy part. They consciously refrain from tossing ideas out there unless they're highly intellectual suggestions. They hold back on anything that someone might think is crazy or stupid, and that one action can become a dam that holds back the flood of ideas stuck behind one or two "crazy" ideas that they keep dwelling on.Let your ideas storm out like a raging tempest. Nothing's too crazy...nothing's too stupid. Why? Because once it's out in the open, it'll hold the door open for other ideas to come rushing out. There's nothing stupid or crazy about that. Give it a try...stormbrain for ideas on a topic sometime. Once you start, write down every...EVERY...thought that occurs to you. It doesn't matter how off-the-wall or insignificant the thought is to the topic your looking for ideas on...just write down everything that comes to mind. Do this for a good fifteen to thirty minutes, and then take a good look at how many ideas you came up with. Sure, a lot of those ideas might be junk, but you've increased your chances of finding one good idea in there ( and with this list, you also get the opportunity to do a little experimentation with the different ideas... that one crazy idea might mix with another so-so idea to give you a much better solution than any one single idea on the list ).

Imagination can sometimes be a fickle thing, and the best strategy to keep the ideas flowing is to...keep the ideas flowing. Like all the other weapons in the writer's arsenal, you need to "use it or lose it." I maintain a special journal called a "thought bucket," and I use it to write down at least one new story or character idea a day. It's not much, but it keeps the mind primed for creating. Do something every day to keep your imagination in shape, and it'll be ready to go when you need it most. And curious, experiment freely.

ta-ta for now.

Isnin, Ogos 02, 2004

WRITE ... Why do I write? I ask myself that very question every now and then – especially when I'm falling behind on a deadline and/or have a horrendous case of writers block. Well, one reason that I write is because I don't play the reserves side for any football team. Now, that would be uncool. But, seeing how I'm already twenty-four years old, my prime playing days are probably behind me. Another reason that I write is that it is something I can do while not wearing pants (... meaning : i can wear kain sarung while i'm writing...ish!ish!). If I were a police officer or fireman, I would have to wear pants; just for the sake of giving examples. But, the main reason why I write is because I am a fan of storytelling – mostly good storytelling, but sometimes even bad storytelling.

I'm a fan of storytelling in all sorts of different mediums: comic books, television, movies, dramas, sitcoms and even the occasional novel (when I'm doing what every good writer should do and actually read). When I am exposed to storytelling, either good or bad from whatever medium, it usually inspires me one of three ways.

I can do better than that. Not to sound egotistical, but every now and then I experience a quality of storytelling that might not be up to par with the majority of experiences that I've enjoyed. First off, kudos to the storyteller for even attempting and finishing their story – whether it's a comic book, teleplay, screenplay, short story, or novel, etc… Writing and/or good storytelling doesn't come easy to everyone – even those that are considered the some of the best at it. So, good or bad, the storyteller deserves some props regardless of the quality. Anyone who is a fan of storytelling deserves the right to be a critic of storytelling. If there wasn't bad storytelling there wouldn't be good storytelling. It's just the way that it is. This doesn't mean that I don't get anything out of the story. Even bad storytelling has its merits. It inspires me to do better – to prove that I can do better. Sometimes a writer (well, at least me anyway) can use the motivation of "if people like that wait until they see what I can do." Maybe that's a selfish view, but if it works I'm going to hang onto it.

What if I did it this way? This happens a lot. I'll be reading a comic book or watching movie and be enjoying the experience when it hits me – "Hey, this is cool, but what if…" This isn't to say that what I am reading or view is bad or that I could do better. But, I might ask myself "What if the superhero's girlfriend was responsible for the villain escaping instead of his bitter ex-partner?" Or, "What if the spaceships looked like this and had the ability to do this?" And, there's always, "What if the hero turned left instead of right?" This usually happens with storytelling that I enjoy with settings or characters that I'm familiar with. I wonder how I would deal with those settings and characters if I were given the chance to play in that sandbox.

I can only strive to be that good. This is a tough one. While it can serve as a muse it can also serve as an obstacle. When I'm reading or viewing a story that I really enjoy and find constructed in the highest caliber I often find my own creative juices start to percolate and bubble over. Sometimes no matter how good the story is that I'm enjoying, I find my mind wandering off on my own creative endeavors. But, then when I sit down to actually create it hits me … I'm not that good. I can't pull this off. That's when I have to manipulate that obstacle into a challenge worthy of conquering rather than obstacle to stifle my efforts.

But, the main reason that I write is because it is a need – a need to create. It might not be a physical need like an addiction to heroin, but the withdrawal symptoms of not writing can be rather stifling – just ask anyone who writes. If I've got this idea about a rock star tyrannosaurs-rex that fights crime while trying to maintain a relationship with his super-spy/fashion model girlfriend (ouch!), I'm going to have to put fingers to keyboard and pound it out if I'm going to get on with the rest of my life. It's a necessity, not a choice. And, like many other writers both amateur and professional it stems from being a fan of storytelling, whatever the medium may be.

p/s : ... this is done out of pure boredom and expliclit headache after arguing with a ' oh-so special ' girlfriend, watching bad tv shows and reading sloppy old comic books. * yeaa... *

Ahad, Ogos 01, 2004

I remember one time having a conversation with an editor, as I was trying to get a job with the publisher (... some local publishing household in Shah Alam; you all know which one).Incidentally, I still talk to the editor from time to time, he’s a nice guy and I respect him quite a bit. He wanted to know all about me and my background, to better understand what kind of writer I am. But then the conversation suddenly got weird. He wanted to know what kind of books I read, and what kind of movies I watch.

What does it matter what books I read, or what movies I watch? Did they want original ideas, or did they want me to spit back rehashed concepts? Did they think that little of my own creative abilities?

It was his belief that a writer should read a lot of books and watch a lot of movies in order to be a good writer, and in many ways, he’s right. I do believe you can tell a lot about a man by his bookshelf. My own bookshelves are stacked with books on writing, art, comics, history, religion, sociology, psychology, and of course various classic literatures. ( ... ok!ok! - the last five was my old school and course text books,dammit!!! )

Subjects such as those might explain why most of my stories are more character driven, focusing more on human emotion and fantasy, rather than action or drama. But most of my books are also text and/or reference books, so I can’t say that I’ve “read” them, as much as I simply “reference” them.

He was amazed and stunned by my lack of knowledge on local literature, and I’ll confess to being more than a little embarrassed to show my ignorance on the subject. I’m simply not too interested in that area of study, so I don’t pursue it any more than I need to.

This raised an interesting, yet disturbing, question for me: "Must a person read or watch movies to become a better writer?"

Many people would say YES ... but at times i say YES and NO.

While it’s true that we SHOULD read as much as we can, and learn from them such things as characterization, plot development, structure, etc.; when did it become so that we HAVE to partake in these mediums in order to become a better creator?

and today i got to see him again and he says of this :

' When did we suddenly have to get our best ideas from other writers? To me, if you need to read to get ideas, that says you’re not creative enough to think of something that hasn’t already been done. '

But that was the opinion of this highly-respected editor. And again I’ll stress: he was not totally wrong, because it’s a widely accepted and practiced way of generating “new” ideas. This was his own opinion, just as it is MY opinion that those things are not important to writers. Certainly an issue could be made for both sides of the argument.

i rest my case ... for now.

p/s : These are the important things that we, as writers, can be taught through reading. And while it’s perfectly normal to be inspired by another’s ideas, you should always know the difference between inspiration and plagiarism.

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