Isnin, Julai 26, 2004

sleep of the just; as told by me of the otherside.  
... a long good night ( a thought from the one i love and care the most)
Dream are endless : there's a conundrum. In this aspect ( and we perceive but aspects of the endless, as we see the light glinting from one tiny facet of some huge and flawlessly cut precious stone ), he is rake-thin, with skin the color of falling rain. Dream accumulates names to himself like others make friends; but he permits himself few friends. If he is closest to anyone, it is to his soul, whom he sees but rarely.
He heard long ago, in a dream, that one day in every slumber; despair takes on mortal flesh, better to comprehend what the lives it takes must feel like, to taste the bitter tang of mortality: that this is the price they must pay for being the divider of the living from all that has gone before, all that must come after. Dream broods on this tale, but has never questioned about its truth.
Perhaps he fears that it would answer him. Of all the endless, save perhaps destiny, it is most conscious of responsibilities, the most meticulous in execution.Dream casts a human shadow, when it occurs to him to do so.

" Mister Sandman, Bring me a dream. Make her the cutest that I've ever seen ... give her the word that I'm not a rover...Then tell me that my lonesome life is over. "

- John Constantine, in Preludes & Nocturnes (quoting lyrics, of course)



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