Sabtu, Julai 24, 2004

newsflash from the wonderful world of fanboy
... true believers,embraced thyself !!!
( source : some Hollywood )
numero uno.
We heard last week that exciting TRANSFORMERS news would be revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con for all those lucky attendees. The rest of us sitting home by ourselves would just have to wait to hear it second hand. But the word comes today that the "exciting news" is that DreamWorks and Paramount have signed on to co-produce the film with none other than Senor Spielbergo executive producing! Apparently negotiations for the rights to the film were very competitive and Hasbro finally accepted the DreamWorks/Paramount terms when Spielberg convinced them he would have an active hand in developing the picture. DreamWorks will handle the film in domestic markets with Paramount taking international rights. No word yet on when this film might start moving towards heavy pre-production but rest assured, this is one guy that will be following this film VERY closely. How they plan to turn a giant tractor-trailer into an equally giant robot remains to be seen. Stay tuned as I (at least the lucky bastards who got to go to San Diego...)will bring you the latest and greatest from TRANSFORMERS and the rest of the SD Comic-Con.
numero dos.
Confirming the internet reports, it was confirmed today that Darren Aronofsky will direct and produce the live-action adaptation of Alan Moore's seminal graphic novel THE WATCHMEN. Originally set up with writer David Hayter (X-MEN) to make his directorial debut on, Hayter will now step aside and let Aronosfky direct from his script. It's unclear at this point whether Aronosfky will order some rewrites or polishes of the existing draft. Interestingly enough, WATCHMEN was a DC Comics series but the film will be produced by Paramount, not DC's sister company Warner Brothers. WATCHMEN has long been considered one of the finest works of art in the comic field and marked a turning point for how comics were written. Moore promised after the abyssmal LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN that he would never again option one of his comics for the big screen but unfortunately for him, he agreed to the WATCHMEN movie before that. Aronofsky will likely try to get his pet project THE FOUNTAIN off the ground at Warner Bros. first before he tackles WATCHMEN. The project gained new life when Hugh Jackman came aboard to replace Brad Pitt who dropped out many moons ago to film TROY.
and now we can really --- really rejoice.





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