Sabtu, Julai 17, 2004

If you were going to the movies this weekend to see I, ROBOT with the specific notion that you'd be one of the first to see the BATMAN BEGINS trailer, you're going to be disappointed. According to sources (the first to report that the trailer would indeed be attached to ROBOT), Warner Bros. pulled plans to run the trailer at the last minute. Not only have the pulled the BATMAN trailer from running with ROBOT, it also appears it won't run with CATWOMAN either. They report that the BATMAN trailer was replaced with the EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING for ROBOT and the Ed Burns thriller SOUND OF THUNDER on CATWOMAN. This, of course, leaves us without a definite date of when the BATMAN BEGINS trailer will debut. One thing seems sure though - that fans will most unlikely get the first glimpse of the trailer, whether in part or in whole. There was no reason given as to why Warner Bros. pulled the plug on the trailer at such late notice. As of earlier this week it was still listed on trailer scorecards for I, ROBOT...
dammit ... and i was just getting to be excited!


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