Rabu, Julai 21, 2004

Confirming the news i heard of late, it is now OFFICIALLY confirmed that Bryan Singer signed a deal with Warner Bros. on Friday to direct and develop SUPERMAN. It looks to be the final nail in the coffin to the JJ Abrams-scripted version of SUPERMAN as Singer has brought aboard X2 writers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris to write a new script, tentatively titled ' SUPERMAN RETURNS '. Singer was approached about directing a SUPERMAN film once the studio became certain McG wasn't their man. He was interested in the gig but the sticking point was prior commitments to the WB remake of LOGAN'S RUN and X3. Those problems were swiftly dealt with as Singer may be replaced by Francis Lawrence (CONSTANTINE) on LOGAN'S and will now, unfortunately, no longer be directed X3. As part of the SUPERMAN clearing house, producers Neal Moritz and Gilbert Adler, who were recently brought aboard to steer the production in the right direction, have been let go. Singer issued a brief comment saying,
"My interest in SUPERMAN dates back many, many years...In fact, it was the Richard Donner classic film that was my day-to-day inspiration in shaping the X-MEN universe for the screen. I feel that Superman has been late in his return and it is time for him to fly again."
So begins another era in the SUPERMAN saga that could itself be an interesting movie on day. Considering the studio hired the team behind the movie (X2) that many called the best superhero film since the original SUPERMAN, I consider this a great move by WB and hopefully one that will finally (... dare I say it?) get this film off the ground.
p/s : please ... oh,please pick a decent Superman for this one.


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