Sabtu, Julai 17, 2004

... a conscience, yes and i do said conscience; in a form of a girl --- suddenly and all apparently stood up to me and said :  
" hey??!! what is this you're writing? im bored, and i'm dead bored of your tales and fables and it doesn't make any : sense. and another thing; you 'copy-paster' ... aren't they any 'real' things to be said beside your fictional ambition to conquer your so-called 'dreamworld'??? what are you doing?what are you doing?don't you have any originality to be reckon with? this is not the 'you' i used to know.stop this and i mean at once. i'm tired of you now ... really tired. come'on!!! "
oh,well ...


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Hi. Saya kenal anda. Mungkin anda tidak kenal saya. Tiada masalah. Mari berkenalan!

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