Selasa, Julai 13, 2004 spoilers galore!

part one:

Sticking with the superhero theme, it is reported that Lachy Hulme might be up for the role of a young Joker in the next BATMAN film (...that being the sequel to BATMAN BEGINS). Lachy ["The Matrix Revolutions"] would love to play the role, but stresses that he hasn't been made an offer yet. "I got the heads up from my LA manager that WB have been kicking my pitiful name around for the Joker role in the Begins sequel. It is a role that I would desperately love, but it's way too early for internet rumours to be flying", he says. Obviously not Lachy since you just made your way to this article.

part two:

... regarding the Wachowski Brothers' possible next project over at --- PLASTIC MAN!?! "If this gets the green light we may expect a release of 2005 or 2006?! No cards have been put down on the table, however it looks like the Wachowski Brothers' script reads like a PG-13 movie. Warner Brothers and Amblin Entertainment remain involved in the project, it could also spread over to DreamWorks Pictures." They go on to throw a couple names on the fire, one of them obviously being Jim Carrey since he is in fact, made of plastic, and the other being Bruce Campbell. Bruce is getting up there in years but a role like this would do wonders for the iconic cult fave. From the looks of it, Bruce already has the part.

thats all,folks ... for now.


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