Selasa, Julai 13, 2004

" ...and may each and every one of us always give the devil his due."

- A Season of Mists

I'm one of those people that fancies himself a writer of some sort or another. From time to time, I've written various items, usually poetry. My subject matter ranges from fantasy to non-fiction to love poetry.

I've placed some works here, so that people can see what a terrible writer I am. The sampling I have is mostly fantasy and love poetry, which doesn't exactly help with the quality of my available works. I've taken to writing short fiction, lately --- although most of what I've written so far looks largely autobiographical.There's a certain stereotype about poets and writers; they're morose, over-analytical, self-pitying, and decidedly arrogant. I'd like to say that I'm none of those things, but I tend to write better when I get into those modes of thought.

Have a taste of my thoughts, and sample the feelings of some of the wordsmiths that came before me.

Does that answer you question?

" That you shall know, at all times, and forever, exactly what you are. And you shall know just how little that means.... now,leave. "

- THE SANDMAN movie by Neil Gaiman; screenplay by Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio


*cosmic freak* berkata...

and its a pleasure being part of your virtual link sandman...

you are indeed someone with a vision, be it fiction or non-fiction...

I guess thats what makes you an endangered species among or malay culture... same goes to yongster who linked me to you...

and you have my fullest respect....

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