Rabu, Julai 07, 2004

...in case you all didn't know, I am an infinite fan of the Batman.

I like the way Warner Bros has slowly built its BATMAN BEGINS : YEAR ONE promotion by dropping little hints of the movie as they go along, with a teaser site here, a picture there and a general good pace in terms of the film's ultimate build-up to July of 2005. Without notice, they have tended to add the latest pictures from the movie to its official website.Christopher Nolan directing (memento),Christian Bale as Batman@Bruce Wayne; its a fanboy wet dream! I have been 100% on board this film from the start (other than the seemingly "all-terrain" Batmobile, which still needs to convince me : ( its a tanker,for crying out-loud!!!), but I will say that despite adoring Gary Oldman, the actor, I'm not sure I buy him as Lieutenant Gordon (the man before Commisioner Gordon), particularly in the first picture of the character (http://batmanbegins.warnerbros.com/). Is that a fake-looking mustache or what?!? Hopefully, it will look better "in action". Other than that, we get the first look at Michael Caine as Alfred, a second look at Liam Neeson as Henri Ducard (or as I like to call him in the website: Qui-Gon Jinn) and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. Don't worry, folks...there are still plenty of "firsts" to come with Katie Holmes, Ken Watanabe's Ra's Al Ghul and Cillian Murphy as The Scarecrow still lurking...

until then --- long live fanboy fandom!!!

p/s: now,now ... when is Micheal Bay or McG gonna direct my Superman Lives screenplay?


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