Khamis, Mei 20, 2004

How long should you wait before you call or contact a date?

( know who you are when you read this,mate.GOOD LUCK!!)

If you've had first date with a person you can NEVER call him or her until he or she calls you. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you haven't gone out with them, you can call a few days later, anywhere between two days and seven days. (Any longer and it all gets weird). You must be sober when you do and it is best done on an ordinary telephone. Lie on the bed and call - it automatically makes you sound sexy. Do not send cute text messages to start off with and only do so if he first sends you one. I'm not sure about emails but I think they're best avoided. You can't gage someone's demeanour or tone in an email so you waste your leverage when you send them and you don't get much information back. Also, they make you too self-conscious and the old rule about not putting anything in writing probably applies here. Don't leave messages to a friend of him or her to begin with either. Try and get it live. The chances are you won't be able to adopt exactly the right level of casualness; so don't risk it.

It is better not to call at all though. If they wants to see you they'll call you. No person is too shy to phone when they're interested so that excuse doesn't wash. As a relationship progresses, you are allowed greater freedoms but a little tact and self-restraint are essential to get you through the first six months.


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