Isnin, Mei 10, 2004

... Then again

Having a so-called ‘near normal’ life isn’t disastrous nor dull after all. My
life now is a whole lot ‘presentable’ then my previous one. I see the world in a
different angle and with another stroke of self-perspective. But no matter how
hard we all tried to strive for the best, there’s still no such thing as

I talk of this and I talk of myself. I never seem to understand how the world
works but I know this; how it will someday end and how it already begun. To
fulfill this destiny isn’t much easier either. A moment like this comes along
often of late. I rarely sleep well at night. Quite far from being settled each
day as it passes by. This feeling will never end. At least not soon. But to hope
for something is not forbade in life. And I hope for me to be more me.

And I see you in me, my faith and my destiny. You love me --- you hate me ---
you despise me --- you perceived me --- you ignore me --- you take me for
granted --- you understand me --- you reject me --- you feel me and you have me.
But what of not being me when you supposed to see me and accept me as I am truly
‘is’? Here and by now I believed that you all had already realized that I am
speaking of you : my friend.
These words are immortal. Please take it.

You become what you think about all day long. If you want to attain ‘such’ thing
you must be ‘such’ a person. Since I am ‘such’ a person, why trouble about
‘such’ thing? To know that you know, and to know that you don’t know --- that is
the real wisdom. And remember this and remember this well : those who seek the
easy way do not seek the true way. And then again … this is just me being me.

A good explanation; never explain anything.

- Zen saying.


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