( Disclaimer : This is a stunt that shouldn’t be attempt by anyone ,anywhere, anytime. )

" a peace offering " : by Faizal Mukhtar

The one where --- I spend and write and stayed up the whole of night

More than words can say …

This is my love for you,
The most cherished thought
I hold in my heart … is the one
That hopes you’ll always love me.
I know that I’ll always love you.

I’d like to give you so many things for you. But the one thing I would most like for you to have is something that I’ll never give to anyone else but you. A love that lasts and lasts. This is for you because I love you so much.

If I didn’t have you, I don’t know what I would do. For with you I have so much. Such sweetness. And happiness. And love. You are a rare combination of so many special things. You bring me feelings that know no limits, and smiles that never go away. You are a part of every day of my life, whether you are close enough to touch or out of reach to all but my hopes and dreams. In everything, it seems like my life was just waiting for you. And with you here, I want you to know that I have never been so happy.

I love you for understanding me the way you do. And for caring. You have created lasting changes in my life and in the way I want tomorrow to be. You have given me the courage to express what I feel inside. We have shared thoughts that have brought us together, and that will keep us there from now until the end of time. Our love is a give that will forever be. Thank you, Love, for being mine. Thank you … for loving me.

For you, I finally found the words to tell you exactly how I feel.

I can’t always explain my feelings the way I want you to understand them. Sometimes when we talk, there are so many beautiful and intense feelings that flow in and out of my soul for you, yet the words as I say them never seem to allow those feelings to touch you.
Today, I found these words, and I realized that there are times when we need to be silent and allow the written, unspoken, word to communicate the heart’s innermost passion.

I am in love with you and I want to open up so much more of myself to you. I want to be just who I am when I’m with you and never feel the need to pretend to be anything more. I want us to feel the freedom to express our needs and our hurts without ever having to raise the tone of our voices. I want us to fight for our love and never consider being apart as the answer to a problem. I want to grow with you, deep into the seasons of our lives. I never want us to forget to hold hands when we walk together.

I want to tell you that being with you is simply the best way for me to spend my life. And I want you to know that I love you today … and for all of my tomorrows.

Falling in love with you was one of my life’s most perfect moments.

When I fell in love with you, I didn’t stop to think it over or decide if I was thinking clearly because my heart had taken over so completely. All I knew was how I feel inside --- so warm and dizzy with emotion, so immersed in brand new feelings and so overtaken by my love for you. And the way I felt just looking in you eyes. When you took my hand in yours and spoke those perfect words “ I love you ”, my heart just melted instantly. I couldn’t stop this feeling ever if I wanted to, for the love began inside my heart and grew to such a great degree that is filled my life with a complete and special knowledge of the love I had been waiting for. I found happiness the day we met and I am forever grateful for that perfect moment when I fell in love with you.

From today onwards, do you know what I want in a relationship?

I want emotional closeness, I want sharing. I want a beautiful bridge between us that is always there, always open, and always secure … always ours alone. I want communication; I want words that speak our language. I want touches that say more than words can mean. I want to talk things over, whether they’re little or large. I want to be more in touch with you than I’ve ever been before.

I want the things we do turn into some of the nicest memories any two people could ever ask for. I want friendship, I want love, I want gentleness, I want strength, I want as much happiness as tomorrow can promise to anyone. I want to be ‘home’ to you, I want you to be ‘home’ to me.

And I want the smile that is in my heart to always reflect so beautifully in the eyes I most love to see. I found what I was searching for. And now, the thing I most want to do is to let you know how very much I love you. Because I love you for so many reasons.

Before I met you, I spent time meeting all kinds of people. I had stupid fun and learned a lot. Though each person had characteristics … something was missing. No one person had all the qualities that I had hoped a person could have. Someone whose every action and thought I could respect. Someone who was very intelligent yet could also be genuinely fun-loving. Someone who is very sensitive yet virile, exciting and sensuous. Someone who knew what they wanted out of life. A beautiful person inside and out.

I could not find a person like this until I met you. And I love you for you.

Sometimes I got so caught up in my own ‘busy’ world that I forget what means the most to me in my life. I get so wrapped up that I let too much time to go by without telling you that you mean absolutely everything to me. When I’m not with you, I’m thinking of you. When I don’t know where you are, I’m worrying about you. And when I’m with you … I wonder how I could let anytime at all go by without telling you how much I love you. I hope you’ll always be my Love … my Kuchilove.

I love you because I know I love you.